virtual memory problems

  [DELETED] 23:39 01 Aug 2003

I have windows xp on my laptop. after working on it for about an half anhour windows infoems me that my virtual memory is low and is fixing the problem. but it does not seem to do anything. how can i inprove my v-mem?

  [DELETED] 00:05 02 Aug 2003

At Control Panel | System | Advanced, click Settings in the ?Performance? Section. On the Advanced page of the result, the current total physical size of all page files that may be in existence is shown. Click Change to make settings for the Virtual memory operation. Here you can select any drive partition and set either ?Custom?; ?System Managed? or ?No page file?; then always click Set before going on to the next partition.

  [DELETED] 00:09 02 Aug 2003

To adjust the virtual memory, or space reserved on the hard drive for memory usage.

Go to control panel






virtual memory

and then change.

pick custom size

and enter the parameters you want.

Make the min and max memory size the same, about 3 times the size of your ram.

If you need help picking the size, post back with your physical ram size, the size of the hard disk, if partitioned and the amount of free space it has. This will determine the best V.M. setting.

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I Did not refresh. lol

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ha ha, kewl :-)

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