'virtual memory' problem after installing Win XP

  webber_man 20:58 29 Jun 2004


I have just spent the last couple of hours installing XP Pro on my sisters machine that ran Win 98. I ran a clean install so it overwrote all her (unwanted) files and Win 98. After the XP installation completed the system restarted but keeps getting an error.

After booting and XP begining to start the error message "Not enough virtual memory or paging files quota is available to complete the specified operation" - the system then reboots itself and so it continues.

The system has enough RAM so am sure this isn't what it's referring to. I also cannot seem to boot into safe mode.

When inserting the installation disk it doesn't go into that either so i am unable to re-install XP!

Does anyone have any ideas?


  Indigo 1 21:34 29 Jun 2004

Try booting up with the XP disc in the ROM drive that should get you in, you will then get the option to Repair, etc.

  Indigo 1 21:36 29 Jun 2004

Here's a page that might explain Virtual Memory and settings click here

  SANTOS7 21:37 29 Jun 2004

how much memory do you actually have and what size HDD do you have i think your problem may be a combination of both

  webber_man 21:38 29 Jun 2004

I can't boot into the CD - it boots straight into windows, errors, reboots, into windows, errors....and so on!

  Seadog 21:38 29 Jun 2004

The only experience I have had with a very similar problem with a virtual memory and page file fault was due to a virus - netsky32 I think, try running Stinger from click here

  duckers 21:40 29 Jun 2004

Virtual memory is made up of the ram and a number of swap files on the hard disk, if there is no room on the hard disk this could be a problem.
Did you install XP over the top of 98 as an upgrade or format the disk and install from scratch? If you installed it over the top of 98 try dformatting the hard disk using a dos boot disk or from windows XP itself by booting from the CD(you might have to change your BOS setting if this doesnt hapen) then do a fresh install and try it again.
You could try changing the XP virtual memory settings by::
go to "control panel"-"system"-"advanced"-"performance settings"-"advanced"-"virtual memory" and change the setting of initial size and maximum size to say 768mb, apply and restart,, Maybe you should also check you have enough hard disk space, XP is a big old fella.
If that doesnt help let us know and I am sure someone will come up with something else to try.

  Mikè 21:43 29 Jun 2004

You may have to go into bios to set first boot device as cd.

  duckers 21:49 29 Jun 2004

If your system does not boot from the windows XP disk you need to go into the system BIOS and set your first boot drive to CD-ROM, If you have more than one CD in your system you should try the disk in both as some motherboards will only try and boot from the first CD-ROM they find.

  webber_man 23:29 29 Jun 2004

I have managed to get it to boot into the CD and am now completely reinstalling XP....fingers cross that does it!

Cheers for the help, tips, advice and links

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