virtual memory minimum too low

  krsna 12:02 14 Dec 2008

when I switch my pc on before I get to the desktop I get this box "virtual memory minimum too low" your sysyem is low on virtual memory . windows is inceasing..... etc . I press ok but the pc fails to load up to the desktop page . I just get a blank screen with the mouse pointer on it nothing else Any suggestions . I am running xp home, on a HP intel 4 pc.

  The Brigadier 12:05 14 Dec 2008

Do you get a Blue Screen come up?
If so what does it say?
How much RAM Memory do you have in your pc?

  canarieslover 12:06 14 Dec 2008

How full is your hard drive? That is what is used for virtual memory and if there is no space on hard drive then windows will not be able to increase it.

  rustyboy 12:14 14 Dec 2008

If your har drive isnt full you may need to go into your settings to increase the amount of virtual memory you have set up. Most of the time people leave it set to automatic so that the system itself chooses how much it uses. If that isnt the case or you don't want it set to automatic I would go along the lines of setting your virtual memory to at least double the amount of ram you have. I.E. 2 gig ram then set 4 gig VM.

You can find your virtual memory by going into control panel > system > advanced system settings > click on advanced tab then click on the settings button in the performance box > advanced tab and then finally click on the 'change' button in the virtual memory box. You should now see all your options. If you have more than one hard drive then you can either activate VM in both drives or leave it all allocated on one drive.

I hope this helps

  krsna 12:20 14 Dec 2008

when I switch the pc I get the hp screen that allows you to press F1 F8 F10 etc to do recovery etc , then the next screen I get is the black screen with windows XP home page and xp trying to load up but shortly after this I get the 'virtual memory minimum too low' message box and the pc seems to just stall at this page. I have 512mb ram and my hard drive only had approx 500mb spare capacity out of 120gb. there is a second hardrive but that was nearly full too.

  canarieslover 12:31 14 Dec 2008

You really need to free up space on your hard drive. If you can't get inti Safe Mode then I suggest that you take hard drive out of the PC and connect it to another PC, either in an external caddy or as second drive, and remove enough of your data files to leave at least 2 - 3 gb free. Try it again in your HP and see if you can then get into Safe Mode or do a restore. I would seriously suggest that you buy a bigger hard drive, internal or external, to keep your data on.

  krsna 12:48 14 Dec 2008

Thanks canarieslover but is there any way I can get windows loaded up so that i can detele some files & make space on the hard drive, without taking the physical hard drive out of the pc. Can I get into safe mode? My pc is not getting to the xp welcome page. I can get to a recovery page but that will delete applications and keep data but i do not want to loose applications or have to put back sp3 etc.

  krsna 13:37 14 Dec 2008

I have now tried going into safe mode by using F8 and I get the same message of `virtual memory minimum too low' and the pc does not get to the welcome page. So it looks like I will have to open up the pc & get the d/drive out. Any other way round it?

  canarieslover 13:38 14 Dec 2008

Try pressing F5 as it is booting . This should get you into Safe Mode provided your installation of Windows has not been corrupted. If you can get ti it then you should be able to free up some more space on your hard drive.

  T0SH 14:07 14 Dec 2008

Another trick to try is to press and keep held down the left Shift key until you get to the welcome log on screen

If all else fails download and make a Linux live CD one that comes CD/DVD burning software use it to boot up to a desktop with and start copying music movie and picture files to CD/DVD once you have verified the copy is good delete them from the hard drive

Cheers HC

  krsna 14:25 14 Dec 2008

I tried F5 and I get the safe mode screen with the various choices and when I select the safe mode option I still end up with the 'virtual memory minimum too low' message and the pc does not load up any further.

I tried the left shift held down after switching the pc on but it made no difference.
I will have to think about getting that linux cd.

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