virtual memory error message help

  patso 19:18 14 Mar 2006

i am getting a message not enough virtual memory yet i have 512 mb of ram any ideas whats wrong im running xp home task manager is showing 100 per cent usage while i am running a prog called video dvd maker free i have 40 gb hd with 16.5 gb free any help please

  VoG II 19:25 14 Mar 2006

This is telling you that your swap file is too small. A 40 GB HDD may be too small for video editing software to run comfortably.

  baldtaco 20:43 14 Mar 2006

I’d agree with VoG™ about your swapfile being too small, but I don’t think the amount of free HD space is causing it as such. I suspect video dvd maker in conjunction with whatever else you are running has exceeded your 512 RAM. That is the reason it wants to make heavy use of the swapfile. In short, adding RAM is the solution. If I’m correct you should see your “Peak” “Commit Charge” value [performance tab on windows task manager] is consistently greater than the amount of memory you have when you get this error. In the interim, increase the size of your swapfile a tad, or switch off other stuff when using that application.

  patso 20:50 14 Mar 2006

thanks vog and bald taco that explains it for me thanks for the help patso

  De Marcus™ 20:51 14 Mar 2006

512mb ram is border line for comfortable video editing, especially where encoding takes place, the immediate and best solution is to add more memory, preferable another 512mb module or more as VoG™ and baldtaco suggested. In the meantime you could always setup a specific profile, so all your pc's resources are to hand for video editing.

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