Virtual Memory

  Visu 09:19 18 Oct 2007

I have changed the default location of pagefiles.sys (Virtual Memory) to D drive (46 GB). What is the advantage of it ?

Please suggest me.

  Technotiger 10:05 18 Oct 2007
  Monument 10:18 18 Oct 2007

Theoretical improvement in performance.

Will you notice? No

  paul€ 10:51 18 Oct 2007

" What is the advantage of it ? "

1)It stops the fragmenting of files on either side of the shrinking and expanding partition on the "C" drive.

2) It gives a dedicated drive away from windows that stores the background applications in virtual memory. So it's reading and writing to a seperate drive other than windows and your program files.

If you were to make both the min and the max the same size

3) it would then not allow any split files to be written to either side of the paging file of the "D" drive. This would give information to be written in a continuious block and make access and reading times quicker, for those files.

4) It will probably also cut down the thrashing of the hard drive as it seeks to see some files.

It won't improve performance but it will ease the workload of the computer.

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