virtual memory

  prestoni 15:46 13 Feb 2007

My pc has started running slow about the same time as a window started popping up saying the virtual memory is being increased by windows, would this be a cause of the pc running slow and how could I manual increase the size of this memory if required. The pc has only just had its hard drive formatted after some problems. It has been running ok the only thing I've added is some music recording software and limewire. Could anyone solve this for me please, I am running windows XP.

  Devil Fish 15:54 13 Feb 2007

the problem is being caused by the swap/pagefile being resized by windows


click start button right click my computer then propeties then click advanced tab click performance settings button then advanced tab select virtual memory change select custom size set max and min size to 1 and a half times your ram eg 512MB Ram = 768MB page file

click ok close everything out you may need to restart your system

  silverous 15:54 13 Feb 2007

It certainly would slow your PC down. You need to find out why so much virtual memory is being used.

Virtual memory = your hard disk being used to supplement your PCs "real" memory.

A few things that will help:

How much memory does your machine have?
What is the 'peak' usage of your machine ?

You can get both of these from the task manager performance tab. Let me know if you aren't clear how to get to it.

The value under "Peak" under Commit Charge (K) is your peak usage. So if that is a bigger number than your "Physical Memory(K) Total" figure then you could consider fitting some more memory to your machine.

Does this occur often?

If you go into Control Panel, System, Advanced tab, then Settings in the Performance section.
Then into the ADvanced tab, you will see Virtual Memory area at the bottom. Click on Change and tell us what you see in there.

  silverous 16:03 13 Feb 2007

I think it is better to look at how to stop windows paging rather than set the page file size. In fact, I think 1.5 times RAM is the default if you let Windows manage it so in theory that would just set his pagefile back to the factory default?

The aim should be to "page" to virtual memory less by having more RAM available.

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