Virtual memory

  Pidder 18:38 28 Feb 2006

Have a laptop running XP with 256 RAM. I keep getting a message of "Virtual Memory too low and Windows is increasing it". Would adding more RAM be any significant benefit? Think I could double it, is it worth the effort, I don't notice any real slowing down when I get the above message. Thanks.

  anskyber 18:46 28 Feb 2006

What are you doing when you get the message? Are you using a memory hungry programme lkike games? The short answer is more RAM should certainly help I increased mine to 512 (by using Crucial web site) and it has been better.

  anskyber 18:51 28 Feb 2006
  Pidder 18:57 28 Feb 2006

Thanks everyone. I'm usually only surfing. I did suspect the amount of RAM was the cause but was reluctant to upset the present system. I understand the usual advice is to let Windows handle the amount of VM. If I increased the RAM would Windows automatically increase the amount of VM?

  Pidder 19:02 28 Feb 2006

Sorry, what do you mean by the top end?

  Pidder 20:22 28 Feb 2006

Thanks, I understand.

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