virtual memory?

  new boy 23:10 27 Jul 2005

got a message from microsoft saying my virtual memory was being increased.

What does this mean?

  DieSse 23:35 27 Jul 2005

In your system is REAL memory - which is the RAM it contains.

This isn't enough for what the system commonly requires - so there is also VIRTUAL memory - this looks to the software the same as real memory - but is just a storage space on the Hard Drive - which can be used when extra memory is needed.

As far as applications are concerned there is no difference (though space on the hard drive is a lot slower in use than RAM). The Operating System keeps track of all this - moving stuff onto and off from the hard drive to keep the speed up.

Clearly if you have enough Real memory - then the Virtual memory will hardly ever be used. Enough in this context is probably around 2Gb to cover most useage.

This is why the performance of a system can be increased by fitting more (fast) Real memory (RAM) so that the (slow) virtual memory (hard drive) is used much less.

If you have far too little Real Memory the computer will spend so much time changing things to and from the vurtual memory, that it has little or no time left to actually run a program - this is commonly know as "thrashing".

  DieSse 23:38 27 Jul 2005

So what your message means is - the space on the hard drive allowed for virtual memory has been increased, as Windows found a situation where it needed more such space.

  new boy 09:42 28 Jul 2005

Thanks Diesse.

  uisquebeathus 13:13 28 Jul 2005

Sorry to say but microsoft do not send out messages like that to help people, they only want your money.
I think you may have been sent a virus or trojan from a computer which has your email address on it.
Get the PC scanned by a good antivirus as soon as possible, Symantec Norton ans Trend and AVG do online scans.
I hope I am wrong but best to scan get Spybot S&D, its free,Avast Antivirus also do a free version

  DieSse 13:59 28 Jul 2005

"Sorry to say but microsoft do not send out messages like that to help people, they only want your money"

This is a standard system message from Windows - nothng untoward whatsoever.

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