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Virtual Memory

  tony-guitar 21:24 10 Jul 2005

Just lately i've been getting ever more frequently a pop-up menu stating that i'm "low on virtual memory". What does it actually mean, and would adding more RAM help. I currently have the original 256mb card installed. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

  tony-guitar 21:55 10 Jul 2005

Hi VoG, thanks for response.Here goes: Paging file drive C, custom size= initial size 384MB (max 768MB) Total paging file all drives= min allowed 2MB, recommended 382MB, currently allocated 409MB. Does this help?

  tony-guitar 15:40 11 Jul 2005

Thanks guys. To VoG who asked for numbers: Total paging file for all drives = 384MB (yesterday it was 409MB) Recommended 382MB, Max 768MB. Do you think i should increase something to give more headroom, if its possible that is?

  tony-guitar 17:21 11 Jul 2005

Hi TomGerry, i actually still have over 65GB availabe on my hard drive

  tony-guitar 17:23 11 Jul 2005

Sorry for misspelling your name TomJerry

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