Virtual Mem & Paging File in XP Home SP3 Help

  Audio~~Chip 09:22 04 Feb 2012


Can someone please help and tell me what the correct Virtual Memory Paging file Minimum & Maximum should be please. I have a 80GB with 2GB Ram on XP SP3 Home.

Thanks in advance

  KRONOS the First 10:09 04 Feb 2012

All you need to know I think. Pagefile.

  bremner 10:14 04 Feb 2012

Do not set manual minimum and maximum Just leave Windows to manage the Pagefile itself.

  Audio~~Chip 10:28 04 Feb 2012

Thanks for the http Chronus! & bremner !

I adjusted the page file and realised after it was incorrect and couldn't remember what it was originally. The machine which is my daughters keeps giving the Virtual Memory Low in the bottom right thats why after intense virus & Malware checks didn't find anything I change the Virtual Memory

I am printing of as I type the http now chronus



  bremner 10:38 04 Feb 2012

Receiving the VM low message possibly indicates that the hard drive on which the pagefile sits is very full.

It has always been recommended that for good performance a drive should not use more than 90% of its capacity.

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