Virtual DVD Drives that wont go away :-(

  SimonC 09:35 08 Oct 2005

Hi, I hope someone can help me coz this is makin me crazy. I had Daemon tools installed to create 2 virtual DVD drives so I could create game images and mount then in the virtual drives and not have to use the disks. I was using Daemon Tools V3.46 and discovered that it had been upgraded to V3.47. It upgraded fine but the new version does not see the 2 virtual drives I have created which is ok coz I can create more. The prblem is I can delete the 2 'useless drives' from device manager or uninstall them but no matter what i try Windows reinstalls them on the next reboot. This is makin me crazy, gibber, gibber. How do I permanantly delete the 2 unusable virtual drives?. Windows is treating em as real hardware, even if I remove Daemon tools the drives stay or reinstall themselves. Ahhhhhhhh!. I'd be grateful for any help.



  Graham ® 09:40 08 Oct 2005

Turn off System Restore, the drives will be in there. Don't forget to turn iy back on!

  Graham ® 09:41 08 Oct 2005

iy? :-)

  SimonC 09:52 08 Oct 2005

Doesn't system restore only restore if you select it. During the probs I've been having I had 2 use sysy restore coz in messing I rendered Daemon tools uninstallable for some strange reason.



  Graham ® 10:35 08 Oct 2005

Turn off System Restore, uninstall the drives, turn it back on.

  SimonC 10:49 08 Oct 2005

Thanx Graham for ur input. Shot across 2 the Daemon Tools website, had a look in the forums and this was the solution:-

Start device manager (run devmgmt.msc [winnt] or goto control panel, system, device manager [win9x])

Goto System Devices section

Delete Plug and Play BIOS Extension

MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DELETE ALCOHOL'S (drivers: axv???.sys; D-tools should be called st3???.sys or d34x???.sys)

Goto the SCSI section

Remove the d-tools controller (not Alcohol's [AXV???])

Delete Daemon Tools driver files (file names mentioned above)

Thanx 4 your input m8, much appreciated.


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