siouxah1 10:16 16 Aug 2003

hi all

i am having problems using
i used the update which they said was compulsory.

now i can get logged onto the ISP but then the only site i can visit is selective pages on the Virgin site.
as for emails, i can get all other emails to work bar the virgin accounts.

has anyone else had this problem, if so how to i overcome it.

thanks in advance...

  ardvarc 11:06 16 Aug 2003

Can you give us your OS. I have just been to the homepage and are you talking about the Blaster update patch warning that pops up. I have my virgin 24/7 connection configured manually and have no problems at all. Good connection speed 49 - 52kbps and I am running XP and have had the patch since it was released.

  siouxah1 12:51 16 Aug 2003

sorry i got it wrong, it wasn't a popup, but an email from virgin that was saying about the change of connection details for their ISP to improve connection speeds for the 24seven service.

i am currently using a friends PC to tell all this info, so i am well and truly offline at the moment.

i am running W2K, 56kbps modem...

did you get the email too?

if so did you run the program that was linked via said email?

it was definitely an email from virgin, i traced the link through the site.

thanks again!!!

  siouxah1 18:07 20 Aug 2003

Changed ISP

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