connection problems

  davey0001 22:27 07 Sep 2003

Has anyone else out there had trouble connecting to the net via their ISP over the last week or so???
I emailed them and they said that the net is very busy with people looking for anti-virus software and that they are in contact with BT to free things up but I would still like to hear from anybody who uses
My connections are fine (I think) but i get different error messages, cut off (alot!) and 'refreshing' doesn't help!
It's driving me round the bend!! :) thanks! David

  3Toed 22:53 07 Sep 2003

David,i have noticed problems over the last 1-2 weeks,but not getting cut off,but having trouble dialing in-several attempts.It is annoying but i find it strange as well,as usually, for me,has been an exceptional isp.(24/7).

  ardvarc 07:22 08 Sep 2003

Haven't had any problems with Virgin 24/7. In fact I emailed support to change my main address because of the gradual build up of spam (have mailwasher) they replied with the answer, well the lo-call phone number to do so the next day. Which is if needed (0845 6501000).

  Tog 07:44 08 Sep 2003

No problems whatsoever over the past 2 weeks.

  mark e 08:55 08 Sep 2003

none in the last month.

  Leejg 19:25 09 Sep 2003

Having quite a few problems aswell. Contacted support and they gave me a couple of new numbers to try but no luck. Initial connection seems to be the problem but once connected it seems fine.

  Proxy worm 19:30 09 Sep 2003

i had roblems today and last week
on virgin

  victor 19 20:34 09 Sep 2003

i had problems virgin net new number ,i decided to make a new connection and uptill now everything fine

  davey0001 21:27 09 Sep 2003

They gave me 2 new numbers to dial and that did improve things a little although tonight there seems to be a few problems again. Nothing as bad as last week though!
I have to say having emailed them i get a very quick reply.
Lets hope things improve further.
I will stay with Virgin though as on the whole they have a good reputation (been with them 3-4 months and haven't had any difficulties until now)and their emails have been prompt and helpful!
Thanks for your input everybody! :) D

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 21:38 09 Sep 2003

I have Virgin broadband and as of recently when playing games online my ping has been quite high infact i have to come off game as it is driving me up the wall.

Don't know why it is but i am considering new isp

  beec crump 21:42 09 Sep 2003

i have had no probs at all, used pretty much every night

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