broadband problem

  Jimma 22:33 18 Sep 2003

I've just rebuilt a mates PC from scratch (he had a couple of viruses and wanted to spring clean).
Now got the strangest problem I've ever come across.
He's on virgin broadband using an alcatel speedtouch usb 'frog' modem, no problem configuring and conecting to the internet, although some websites are painfully slower than others.
When setting up his e-mail using outlook express he can send mail ok, but when retreiving mail he gets the 'downloading message 1 of xx', then after 60 secs gets a message saying the password is not recognised. Thing is, he must be using the correct password to see this 'downloading message 1 of xx' banner, right?
Got me completly foxed as I build and configure PCs for a hobby/beer tokens.
Never known owt like it before.
Anyone got any suggestions?
Or know of any problems with at the moment?

Many thanks in advance of helpfull answers.

  mark e 22:37 18 Sep 2003

I got the same problem but narroewd it down to zone alarm. I stopped using it for a week and never came across the email problems or slow speeds. I am now looking for a new firewall for my system.

  Jimma 22:42 18 Sep 2003

DOH! Forgot about that old chestnut
Not using zone alarm, but am using Norton PF and AV, will try turning them off tomorrow.
It is late late, and even the best of us can overlook the simplest/most obvious of things ;-)

  Jester2K II 22:56 18 Sep 2003

Does have a Service Status page you can check. Blueyonder does and often explains my email problems....

  Jimma 07:56 20 Sep 2003

It was a firewall issue.

Works like a dream again.

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