Any good?

  Leejg 20:38 26 Mar 2003

I'm looking for a new ISP and was wondering about Virgins 24/7 package at £13.49 per month, what do you all think about them and are there better alternatives.
Ps My connection speed with tiscali and Freeserve has just dropped in the last couple of weeks to 38666bps does anybody know of any link.

  Ellie3009 21:12 26 Mar 2003

I'm currently connected on the Virgin 24/7 package.
Currently connected at 50666 bps. The service seems pretty good, speed is good, although it sometimes takes a couple of attempts to dialup between 7pm and 9pm.
My one moan about virgin is that the installer Hijacked my homepage and the About:blank default, so basically I couldn't reset it without altering the registry. Annoying, but not the be all and end all!

  Leejg 21:21 26 Mar 2003

Thanks Ellie3009
I understand payment is through visa/debit card. how easy would it be to cancel this as I'm thinking about Broadband soon after reading some other threads on Pipex/Nildram.
Is there anybody else with some good/bad reports about Virgin.

  Busy 21:33 26 Mar 2003

Like Ellie I always get 50666 speed,would say Virgin seem very good....their support I phoned once at great cost but was dealt with very well,shame their trains dont seem to go too well...I'd recommend them.And as I live in the sticks and am unlikely to see broadband this side of Englands next win against the Aussies at cricket,am hoping to stick with Virgin.

  Leejg 22:17 26 Mar 2003

Thanks Busy
How much do you pay for 24/7 connection is it just £13.49 or is there anything else like BT surftime on top.
Ps Maybe you might be getting BB before you know it, didn't we nearly beat them at the world cup??

  artist 22:42 26 Mar 2003

I've been on Virgin 24/7 for 2 years now. Had a few problems when changing O/S. Sent emails to them for help and couldn't fault the service.
You don't HAVE to have their page as a home page!
I don't have any probs with connection at any time of day and no cut offs either.

  Ellie3009 10:19 27 Mar 2003

I did HAVE to have their homepage, because their software added a registry key to my system which changed the default homepage to theirs, also disabling the "use current" and "use blank" options.
You can, like I say, get around this by changing the registry, but I found it a rather annoying intrusion, expecially as there was no warning that the installer software was going to do it!
You could also change your connection settings manually to avoid this problem.

Payment... My housemate pays and I pay him, so I'm not sure. I'd ask, but he's still asleep! But I do know there is no BT surftime etc on top, just the £13.49

  artist 17:10 27 Mar 2003

There's so many to chose from - you can only speak as you find, really.
Lots of people like AOL - I wouldn't have it as a gift. Now that REALLY takes over!

  Leejg 17:16 27 Mar 2003

Thanks everyone.
I think I'll go for them. One last point do they answer and deal with queries quickly because the helpline is a bit steep.

  Ellie3009 17:18 27 Mar 2003

Oh I totally agree, AOL is worst!!!
AOL changed my all the windows notification on my sytem into french, and even after I removed AOL it was still there!
Fortunately I speak french...

  Dave Bowman 17:22 27 Mar 2003

I've been with for an age and never had a problem with hijacks etc.
You do have the option to pay by direct debit. I did use a card but it was dead easy to change on the net and they confirmed everything by e-mail.
Give them a go.

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