Virginmedia E-mail?

  birdface 08:38 26 Aug 2011

I received this e-mail this morning from Virginmedia.

It's a great time to introduce your friends to Virgin Media as we are offering 50 pounds credit on your bill for each friend you introduce to Virgin Media before the 31st October 2011.

You'll be letting them in on loads of brilliant stuff. Like the very best of digital TV, superfast fibre optic broadband and great value call packages.

Got someone in mind? Just click on the link below to connect your friends.

Now I can't help feeling a bit suspicious about the 50 pounds.

Now I had two letters.One was my Bill and this was the other.

This one was in the junk mail the other in normal mail.

Anyone else with Virgin get the same E-mails.

  birdface 08:57 26 Aug 2011

I should have said apart from the 50 pound the letter looks genuine but I don't want to press the unsubscribe button just in case.

  Taff™ 10:39 26 Aug 2011

Its genuine Virgin Referal Scheme

Not uncommon now. PlusNet have been doing this for years and offer a 50p ongoing reduction for referred customers. I save £5.50 per month because I have several friends and family who are also with PlusNet. Makes me chuckle when BT ring every few months and I tell them what I`m paying for my BB deal. Who's offering you that? Are you sure? Yes, PlusNet - You own them I say!

  birdface 10:56 26 Aug 2011

Hi Taff.

Just the small difference.

Yours. £50 off your bill

Mine. 50 pounds credit on your bill.

Maybe they do it that way so that you will not click on the unsubscribe button.

Probably genuine but just waiting to see if any other Virginmedia customer gets the same e-mail then I can unsubscribe with safety.

  Strawballs 12:36 26 Aug 2011

I am with Virgin and have not received the email as of yet, my address is ntl but that should not make a difference.

  birdface 13:29 26 Aug 2011


I am in the Northants area and check my bill through the internet.

Are you the same or do you still get normal paper bills.

  Strawballs 18:06 26 Aug 2011

I'm on the southcoast in the Solent area and also have paperless billing.

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