Virgin Superhub 3 and tp link powerline adapters

  julius44 04:58 02 May 2017

Hello and good morning to you all. I have just had my superhub 3 router delivered and installed last week friday, and I am on the vivid 100Mbps. I have tested my internet speed on my wired desktop and I am getting a reading of 104.3Mbps, so I am happy with that with my wired connection, and with my wireless connection with my samsung s7 edge I am also getting about the same speed. I am using

I have a box of 2 TP-link 200Mbps AV500 Nano powerline adapters, do i still need to install them with my superhub 3? andif yes? How to I intall them correctly? and will it make any diffrence as my broadband speed is very fast already?

I also checked in my cupboard, and I have come across an UNOPENED box of tp-link AV500 powerline adapter with AC pass through starter kit(model number: TL-PA451KIT), and I also have come across a box with a set of Trendnet 500Mpbps compact powerline AV adapter kit(box opened but they have not been used)

Please kindly advice which set if any I should use of all these adapters, and maybe the rest I should sell? Many thanks Jules

  Govan1x 11:08 02 May 2017

If you used them with your previous Superhub you will probably need them with the new one as well.

Try without them and if you are happy with the signal you get do not bother using them.

Remember the further away from the Superhub the poorer the signal gets. But it is up to you whether you think you need to use them or not.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:45 02 May 2017

Govan1x, the powerline adapters mentioned by the OP are not wireless models.

Julius, from what you've said, it seems to me that you don't need any powerline adapters so there's no point in faffing around installing them. They certainly can't make your broadband speed any faster if that's what you were thinking of.

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