Virgin superhub 150mb download speed

  steve263000 20:24 26 Jul 2014

I have had installed the brand new 'superhub' from Virgin media. This promised a speed of 150 mbs. This was a free upgrade from Virgin and actually reduced my bill slightly. However I have never been that happy with it, and today tested the speed at 43 mbs with an upload of 11 mbs.

I then got on to Virgin to complain and the young man there said that he would sort it out. He then asked me to check my browser after he had reset it. I did so and said I would get back to them.

I have just done another speed test using the PCA checker and found an upload of 40mbs and a download of 9 mbs. So he has just managed to slow it down even further. Am I being unreasonable in expecting a download speed of something like the promised one, or is this roughly what I should expect.

  rdave13 20:57 26 Jul 2014

Never rely on one speed tester. Search for more Try Speedtest , broadband , thinkbroadband , and take an average. Try again on a different day and wait for up to 10 days for the speed to settle. Your ISP have changed some setting an can take some time for the 'HUB'/ router to get a steady line.

  rdave13 21:11 26 Jul 2014
  rdave13 21:14 26 Jul 2014

In case that link doesn't work then try tis one .

  rdave13 22:00 26 Jul 2014

Jock1e , you're making me jealous.

  Woolwell 22:01 26 Jul 2014

What you have to remember is that it is up to 150 Mb. They don't promise a speed of 150 Mb. I'm on that package. My speed in the morning is often 150 and in the afternoon too. But in the evening when many users are online at the same time downloading films, music, etc, playing on-line games then speed usually drops to as tonight 50 - 60 Mb. It is a case of too much demand at certain times. Incidentally when I first got the Superhub 2 its speed wasn't great for the first few hours. A reboot sorted it out. I'm connected by ethernet to the router. Wifi is slower (much more so).

  Woolwell 22:04 26 Jul 2014

radve13 - My thinkbroad band result now is 54 downlaod and 10 upload.

I think that the figures are slightly low. I find that the upload speed rarely varies and is usually around the 11 mark.

  rdave13 22:16 26 Jul 2014

Ookla is pretty good on averaging upload/download speed. Thinkbroadband takes the lowest and burst speeds you get occasionally. As I suggested different speed testers should be used, at different times of day, and the average worked out. I've worked it out that I get 20.9 meg download and just over 3 meg upload. FTTC connection. Expensive but that is due to my location.

As for the TS I would certainly wait for a few days to see what the cable line stats settles at.

  Woolwell 22:16 26 Jul 2014

Have a look at what Virgin state their average speeds are Virgin media.

If I want speed above about 2 in my area then I have to use Virgin. BT Infinity isn't even in the plans yet.

  Woolwell 22:17 26 Jul 2014

rdave13 - I normally use Ookla on the desktop and using the app on my iPad. I find it is fairly consistent.

  rdave13 22:31 26 Jul 2014

Woolwell , same here but Virgin have adjusted something on the line and it will take time to average out the download/upload speeds even on cable to get a steady connection.

Wouldn't be surprised if it goes back to " 43 mbs with an upload of 11 mbs".

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