Virgin Super hub...not so super

  paul654 20:47 08 Mar 2011

My sister has just upgraded her Virgin broadband from 20Mb to 30Mb. They sent her a Virgin Super Hub to replace her (perfectly good) Netgear router and modem . I set up the Hub for her and straight away her daughters laptop connected to the hub and she got on line, no problem. However...we are finding it impossible to connect to the hub using her desktop PC (running windows Vista). The PC does not have an ethernet card so she is using a Netgear WG111V3 USB Adapter. This adapter worked perfectly with her previous setup but for some reason will not work with the new Hub. It connects up for about 10 seconds then seem to lose the connection before reconecting for a further 10 seconds...then off,on,off,on etc,it just cant seem to keep hold of the connection ! We are not techies but can not seem to get this fact through to the Virgin tech support people whom we have rung 5 times to no avail. She asked Virgin if she could switch back to her previous setup and they have refused !!I have just left a grown woman in floods of tears because of Virgin's incompetence. Any ideas ? I would love to be able to get this working for her.

  Devil Fish 21:30 08 Mar 2011

Netgear knowledge base click here

hope this is of some help

  Strawballs 22:58 08 Mar 2011

Can't you just put a network card in the desktop they are very cheap

click here

  Ashrich 00:31 09 Mar 2011

Surprising to find a Vista PC without network port built in to the motherboard , still , I don't see this as a Virgin problem , if the router was at fault then it wouldn't work for anyone , and as her daughters laptop connected right away it proves the router is functioning correctly .

Have you tried removing the previous profile her PC was using to connect ? If you have given the new kit the same SSID ( broadcast name ) it will continue to try using the security pass key stored on the PC .

Go to the network and security centre , on the left hand side you will see " Manage my wireless connections " or something like that , the old profile can be deleted , then try scanning for the new router , enter the correct security key and see if it will now connect .

I would also recommend updating the drivers for the wireless card to the very latest ones you can find on the Netgear website .


  mgmcc 14:18 09 Mar 2011

If her wireless connection worked well with the previous Netgear router, why not plug that (via its WAN port) into one of the new Hub's LAN ports and continue to connect with it?

  proudfoot 14:41 09 Mar 2011

Try changing the wireless channel.

  paul654 16:07 09 Mar 2011

Thanks for the suggestions folks. It will be the weekend before I get chance to go and have a dabble, I'll let you all know how I go....thanks

  paul654 15:50 16 Mar 2011

Ended up plugging the Netgear router back in via one of the Hub's LAN ports as suggested by 'mgmcc'.It's not ideal but at least she's back online. Cant see the point of paying all that money for a 'flutes and whistles' 30Mbps Superhub when ,because of her set-up, she's getting only a fraction of that speed, but what do I know.
Thanks for you're help people.

  mgmcc 09:34 17 Mar 2011

As "Ashrich" has said, it would be most surprising if a PC with Vista didn't have an ethernet adapter installed. If you go into the Network Connections folder ("Start > Run", type NCPA.CPL and click OK) is there not an entry for the "Local Area Connection"?

  canbutry 00:04 20 Mar 2011

There is a known problem with Virgin's Superhub and 30Mb speed. They say they will have a fix 'shortly'

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