virgin router internet box

  chriss12 12:18 14 Jul 2013

i've got a d-link router from virgin uk, and every now and again i have to reset username and password. now when i've finished using it i turn it off, but i;ve been told to leave it on 24/7?

  Woolwell 14:13 14 Jul 2013

I used to have the DIR router and turned it off every night without any problems. I now have the Superhub (the one with the lights) and leave it on but only because I now an able to have a dedicated power socket for it (I used to need two, one for modem and the other for the router).

  martd7 17:02 14 Jul 2013

Chriss12 i would ring vmedia and upgrade to the super hub,as an existing customer you may receive it free of charge as i did

  BT 17:35 14 Jul 2013

If its one supplied by them give them a call as they should replace faulty equipment for free.

Having said that I called them last week to discuss my package. TV/XL, 20mb Broadband & Phone, and got them to upgrade me to 60mb Broadband, with the same TV and phone for no extra money, when I pointed out that I was actually paying more than the Premier Collection for far less. They tried to get me to pay £49.99 for 'installation' but when I pointed out that the website said FREE installation, they backed down and gave it to me for FREE. This includes a new Superhub2 and TIVO box to replace the old modem and HD box, which you can have installed in another room.

My point is 'if you don't ask you don't get, and you've got nothing to lose.

  martd7 19:14 14 Jul 2013

Ive had no problems with the super hub but i like it also because its one box not a seperate modem and router

  BT 11:23 18 Jul 2013

My new set up is now in place and working fine.

Jock1e I turn off most nights because it is far to bright.

You can actually adjust the brightness of the LEDs if you access the Superhub2 options. They are set to Medium but can be changed to High or Low.

  BT 08:06 19 Jul 2013


If you look in your 'My Network places' folder there should be a file called VMD 485 or something similar. If you click on this it should open a VM webpage where you can log in and change all the settings.

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