Virgin router connection

  Ram Rat 18:19 31 Mar 2008

I have just been upgraded by Vigin Media and this time the modem is separate from the set top box. However, I now cannot get on to the Internet with my Netgear WGT624V3 router. I have tried other routers of the same and different makes and still without success. I can only connect through my main computer.
My router will work with a friends connection on Virgin but with a different Modem. The problem is how responsible is Virgin Media as they say routers are not their problem but my system is not the same after it was upgraded. I have also been in touch with Netgear and tried many things for over a week now.

  Ashrich 18:47 31 Mar 2008

The modem needs to be powered down for ten minutes so it loses it's memory , for a better way of putting it . Cable modems have a way of " binding " themselves to the MAC address of the first item they are attached to , and won't work when anything else is put in the way , so they need to be powered down so they " forget " . Shut down everything , leave for ten minutes then when all ethernet attachments have been made , power up the modem , leave it to settle , then do the same for the router , again leave to settle , then finally the PC , access the router set up pages and do the normal stuff ( let it find the internet ) set the security , and then test for internet access . Exit router pages and reboot PC .


  Ram Rat 23:43 31 Mar 2008

Thanks Ashrich
I have already switched the modem off and left it over night as well as the router and computer. I have reset the router which has tried to connect but no joy. Netgear suggested resetting for 60 sec and while holding the reset button down disconnect the power after 20 sec then reconnect the power back on. I have also updated the firmware. I still feel the modem is at fault. I am switching everything off for tonight again and having ago tomorrow.

  Ashrich 10:11 01 Apr 2008

If the modem works when connected straight to the PC then it obviously works Ok , so don't just power down , actually disconnect everything and leave it off . Try powering up the modem before attaching the router's ethernet cable , then attach the router and power up etc.


  Ram Rat 09:17 07 Apr 2008

Sorry for the delay in replying but I have been off-line (Virgin have been upgrading the line) they have also provided a new modem but also moved it next to the router. The old set up was through the set top box in the living room and the router upstairs in the "office". Everything working fine after getting back to normal this morning.
Thanks for the response.


  Ashrich 00:41 08 Apr 2008

Glad to hear it is sorted Ram Rat , can you tick the thread as solved please !


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