Virgin Media...New Wireless Hub and TV box to be sent....but Installation Engineer not Required???

  julius44 05:37 11 Oct 2012

Hello and good morning to you. I'm currently with virgin media, ive been with them since 2006, and ive currently got 10mb fibre optic broadband and there large TV size package and I pay £36.50 per month.

Recently I was hearing from people that they had started upgrading customers for free, for broadband speeds and giving customers the wireless hub which they used to charge for. My neigbour told me that they rang her a few weeks ago and an engineer came round and they gave her the black wireless hub, and a new TV box...she said installation took about 1 hour but its all ok, and ive seen it myself.

I decided to ring virgin media yesterday and They told me that yes its fine, I can get the wireless hub for free and the new tv box (not recordable) all for absolutley free, and I will receive BOTH together monday 15th. I was pleased with this, so I then said when will engineer come, and she told me that NO engineer is required for installation, but if I require an installation engineer that would be £41. I explained to her that my neighbour had someone come round for free, but she told me that she cant comment on that. I said ok kindly send the hub and new tv box. I just wanted to find out if anyone else had to install the stuff themselves? The wireless hub should be ok, as its just a router, and I have no problem with this, but im just a bit concerned about new tv box, but she did give me a freefone number to call to activate both, its 0800-953-9500.

Has anyone had to install both themselves please?? Was it straightforward?? Much appreciated. Jules

  sharpamat 06:58 11 Oct 2012

Provided you can access the interior point it is both easy and straightfoward.

The box is connected to the cable box inside your home replaceing whatever you use at present. Connecting to your TV is either by Coax or HMDI ( advisable for HD reception ) depending on your TV.

The Hub replaces your old broadband connection simply swap the existiong connection to the Hub and your existing connectiong to your PC.

Ensure you can see the numbers on both before phoneing to activate.

Depending on the TV Box you may well find it can record esp if its their Tivo Box

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