Virgin Media Superhub

  mh84 11:57 23 Mar 2012

I have just received a brand new virgin media super-hub in the post as part of the double speed upgrade they are offering all customers.

Im a bit confused as to how to connected it to my existing set up.

I currently have a modem (supplied by virgin media) and a separate wireless router, which is connected by wires to a desktop computer. The modem is downstairs next to my virgin HDTV set top box and the router is upstairs next to the desktop computer.

Do I pur the new hub in the place of the modem, or in the place of the router? Preferable location would be upstairs, as I believe this would cover more of the house wirelessly

Any help please??

  johndrew 12:18 23 Mar 2012

Full instructions for the setup are provided by Virgin and they offer a helpline at the bottom of the page.

  Input Overload 12:40 23 Mar 2012

The problem I can envisage as I assume you are using fibre is you need to site the hub (which is a modem router combined) where your incoming Virgin coax socket is - This will mean your router also will be downstairs which may not be the best place for wireless connectivity - However my hub is downstairs & I have no problems with wireless connections upstairs - So maybe you could give it a try where the coax incoming is.

You can however use the hub in 'modem only mode' and maybe use the router upstairs as it already is.

You can access all features in the hub by using - The user name is admin & the password is printed on the router which I forget as I changed it.

I have had no problems with the hub whatsoever & here gives very good wireless coverage apart from the PS2 which I bought a Home Plug for.

  Input Overload 12:41 23 Mar 2012

Thinking on you can probably just connect your router to a network socket on the hub if the router you have supports this?

  mh84 13:14 23 Mar 2012

Thanks, the easiest option seems to be to put it downstairs where the coaxial cable is...I will try it and see what the range is like as I usually connect a laptop wirelessly at literally the other end of the house (and upstairs) so I'm worried about the range. and I believe I can use the existing wiring from the modem to the desktop...just need to remove the old router from the equatiion??

  frybluff 13:30 23 Mar 2012

I have a Virgin Superhub, which I acquired by accident. My old modem packed up, and a Superhub was all the eng had on his van.

As mentioned above, it is a combined modem/router, so needs to replace both, sited by your inlet socket. It has a much better range than their standard router. I have mine in the lounge, and have very little reduction in signal strength, in my bedroom (about 15m away, through two walls). There seems to be a slight loss of download speed, at that distance, but not significant.

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