Virgin media - setting up e-mail - help!

  six-h 00:01 02 Nov 2008

I have tried to help a friend set up his e-mail account with the above to no avail.
help line (India) say server problems are responsible and it won't be possible to set up till these have been resolved..maybe 3/4 days!
(makes TalkTalk look positively magnificent!)

After this advice, I tried one more time, and was successful!!
However, it seems he can send mail, but not receive.
I've had to leave it at that, 'cos I live 50 miles away and had to head home.

Can anyone advise me what the likely cause is for not being able to receive?

I thought that if he could send, then the connection was good, and should therefore also receive??

Is it likely to resolve its self, or do we need more discourse with India?:((

  Devil Fish 00:17 02 Nov 2008

if it is server problems then it is out of your hands you will have to wait untill they resolve the issue

they have quoted 3/4 days if the problem still persist after that get on the blower again

to clarify with email you have 2 servers one is

pop3 to retrieve messages

and the other is smtp to send messages

the problem could lie with either or both

  Devil Fish 00:19 02 Nov 2008

sorry my bad must read post properly

cant recieve check pop3 settings

if still not working refer to above post

  Sea Urchin 00:20 02 Nov 2008
  dagnammit 00:45 02 Nov 2008

I never bother with ISP email addresses. I've had the same yahoo account(s) for years.

  six-h 01:50 02 Nov 2008

Thanks guys,
I must admit that I too tend to use web mail mostly, and when setting up my own ISP account, just followed the instructions and thankfully all went well!

It's when it goes wrong that I tend to loose the plot!

Since he is an NTL client, I followed the instructions that you link to Sea Urchin, and despite being told in the best AngloIndian that it wouldn't work, I was filled with smug gratification when the account seemed to be accepted, and actually sent a mail to his ladyfriend.
I then hot footed it across town to her place to see that she (also an NTL client) had received it.
It all fell apart when she tried to reply, the message immediately went into her "outbox" but when it was transmitted she got an "error 500" msg, saying something like "e-mail address could not be resolved"
Outlook express then threw it's toys out of the pram, and resorted to "not responding".
Another quick call to India, (this time from her place) received the response that Outlook Express was corrupted, and she would need a technician to repair it!! (I simply deleted the offending message from the outbox, and OE stopped sulking)
So much for the quality of technical help!
We were also told that they could not verify if the target address was valid or not.

Could it be that the account is indeed OK, and the inability to receive mail is just due to the "Server problems" that they said might be fixed in 3/4 days and mail will then be received?

If not, I doubt their ability to set up the account again from scratch un-aided since they,(and I) find it difficult to understand the Indian staff whose English, whilst impecable, is heavily accented.

  six-h 01:05 06 Nov 2008

Just a last try at understanding what's happening (or not!)

The account I set up can send mail, but not receive, (I get error 550 when trying to send to him)this focuses attention on the pop3 server..yes?

Since I'm not at his place, I can't check the setting, but I know I followed the instructions correctly, and entered the detail as "".

Accepting that the above is correct, then the inability to receive must be due to the server problems that the help desk advised us of??

Will the account begin to receive automatically once NTL resolve their server problems, or will the whole thing have to be set up again??

  MCE2K5 01:18 06 Nov 2008

According to this click here

It's ""

Not "".

ps, Please see your other post about Media Center.


  MCE2K5 01:25 06 Nov 2008

This click here From VirginMedia site says "In the text box entitled Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server:, type in"

But the Picture Below says "" as you originaly said.

  six-h 01:34 06 Nov 2008

MCE2K5, Thanks for that, I wonder who is correct, since the Virgin/NTL help setup guide page definitely says "pop3..."
I'll get my cousin to go round and try altering it to just "pop" and see if it works!

Sorry about the "bump" message on my other thread, I was doing some tidying up, and couldn't tick "resolved" 'cos there were no posts!!

  Condom 01:35 06 Nov 2008

I've just taken out my old NTL stuff and can confirm that the settings for NTL are & there is no 3 after pop. The settings for myThomson Speedtouch were [email protected]

What really confuses me about this is NTL. Nearly 2 years ago now Virgin Media told me that they had taken over NTL and required me to change everything. I was not amused as I had been with NTL for some years and the idea of contacting all my colleagues, friends, relatives and casual aquaintences to give them my new address with Virgin did not please me. Virgin informed me that I had 1 month before they stopped the NTL site completely and I had no choice.

Now it seems that NTL is still in business and I could still be with them. ASeems like someone was telling porkies.

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