Virgin Media Modem transfer to new owner

  Peter Lanky 19:19 30 Mar 2013

I have sold a Virgin Modem (E08C013.00) on a well known auction site, but the buyer is telling me it isn't working. To quote the message:

"I have just spoken to Virgin Media and they said if the modem was received for your account that means its for your account only and rendered useless to anybody else because of the MAC address."

Personally I don't believe this to be true at all, but I don't quite know for certain with confidence. I don't know if this is a genuine problem or somebody trying it on, but I'd like to resolve the technical issue first before having sent back.

Any advice please?

  finerty 19:27 30 Mar 2013

contact virgin if it is founded or unfounded

  BRYNIT 19:46 30 Mar 2013

As far as I know Virgin Modems are the property of Virgin Media and you only rent them.

Virgin Media do pair the modem mac number to the account preventing it from being used by someone else if stolen.

I cannot understand why anyone would want to buy a Virgin Media Modem as it would only be useful with a Virgin Media account and would be replaced free of charge if found faulty.

  rdave13 19:46 30 Mar 2013
  Peter Lanky 20:02 30 Mar 2013

Mmh, what a pain. No idea why anyone would buy it, but I put it up for sale (and somebody did), with the knowledge that people have been known to buy all sorts of obscure items.

I suppose it would have been more helpful had Virgin told me to bin it rather than telling me to 'do whatever I wished' with it when I got a Super Hub.

  martd7 21:24 30 Mar 2013

i can definitely confirm peter you cannot sell a virgin cable modem because of the reasons given above im actually surprised they havent asked for it returning because it is as brynit pointed out "rented"

  rdave13 21:37 30 Mar 2013

They're still selling them. I note that some have a 'no return' I also noticed that the 'chipped' versions have been removed.

mart7 , Virgin said " 'do whatever I wished' with it".

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