Virgin Media Broadband(Having a laugh!)

  hiwatt 13:16 25 Oct 2014

I think I'll be changing my broadband provider.I have VM broadband only(no phone line,don't need one)and was paying £21.90 per month for up to 30mb.Up until around a year ago it was £17. I received an email saying that Virgin Media were "upgrading your broadband speed on us) I have now received an Email saying congratulations your broadband speed has been supercharged on "On Us" but my bill is now up to £27.65!So how is it "On them" if my bill has increased nearly £6 a month.So my bill has went up by £10 a month in the last year. Their service has been fine but I'm not having this.I don't even need the 50mb I'm perfectly happy with the up to 30mb! Can anyone recommend a good Broadband only provider please? Any help is much appreciated.

  spuds 14:51 25 Oct 2014

It doesn't matter who you choose nowadays, they all appear to have special offers with great marketing promises.

Here's a selection that 'U' Switch seem to favour the most click here

  Jollyjohn 15:12 25 Oct 2014

I would recommend Plusnet. I have been with them for about 6 years and have had no hassle. They are a Sheffield based company and so no more calls to India for tech support. (No offence to the operators in India, they usually do their best, within their guidelines.)

If you are thinking of the BT superfast broadband - look at the small print carefully - the TV adverts look good until you spot the 20GB useage limit!

I agree with Jockie, threatening to leave always focuses their customer support.

  hiwatt 15:00 29 Oct 2014

Does anyone here have broadband only(without a phone line)?If so could anyone tell me the kind of prices you are paying please? I use around 15-20GB per month so not a huge amount. I'm just trying to figure out the cheapest option for me,even if that means taking a phone line too? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  spuds 15:09 29 Oct 2014

Here's free broadband with no telephone calls, but how will you get it without paying for a phone line? click here

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