Virgin media Broadband speeds please

  julius44 18:36 30 Sep 2009

Hello there everyone, I'm a virgin media customers and I have their large braodband package that says I get up to 10mb, could someone please send me some links that i can use to test my broadband speed pls. These links should be straightforward to understand please and not too technical pls. thanks

  Input Overload 18:38 30 Sep 2009

click here

click here

These two are about the best for the UK.

  julius44 18:48 30 Sep 2009

okay input overlaod thanks for that, it gave me the following for broadband max:

Download speed: 11418kbps
Upload speed: 280kbps

I'm looking for values in Mbps please?? or can u kindly tell me how the above values relate to Mbps please, thanks. And also are these speeds good for the service i'm getting please???

  BRYNIT 19:02 30 Sep 2009
  julius44 19:03 30 Sep 2009

okay jock1e, thanks for is this good then?? and may i ask who your isp is please??

  julius44 19:04 30 Sep 2009

okay jock1e, thanks for is this good then?? and may i ask who your isp is please??

  julius44 19:06 30 Sep 2009

okay thanks. So i guess your are happy with the serive then??

  julius44 20:13 30 Sep 2009

Yes i'm very happy with them myself, the free upgrade from 2mb to 10mb is superb, i CANNOT fault the internet service that i receive from them, and I hope it continues

  Terry Brown 20:26 30 Sep 2009

Hi, I'm also with Virgin and have been since the start (Blueyonder), under Richard Branson the service is much more reliable and faster.
I am on the 10mb and I nomally get 9-9.4mb, even at peak times.

Upload speed is normally about 20% of the download speed on all ISP providers

  madmazzy 20:38 30 Sep 2009

I'm also gone up to the 10Mb speed. My download speed halved from what it was on the 2Mb and now averages between 39 and 75 kBs. Not happy.

  ol blueeyes 20:54 30 Sep 2009

I'm also with Virgin Media 10mb and that speed from them is never to much of a problem most of the time you get what you pay for infact on one outstanding occaison I had for 1 Speed test 40mb.
The problems on speed are with whom you are downloading from. In particular Security Providers.

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