Virgin Cable Slow

  Input Overload 22:10 28 Feb 2010

Is anyone else in the east midlands having slow cable connection. I am on a 50 Meg Bit connection which is usually fine but at the moment are getting just over 1.

  birdface 22:20 28 Feb 2010

In northants and only on 2mb and getting the full 2Mb so no problems here.Have you tried turning the Modem of for 10 seconds then on again and leave for 2 minutes before you use it.

  mobileman1953 22:20 28 Feb 2010

slow connection here as well Teesside

  birdface 22:22 28 Feb 2010

Not sure if you are in the Birmingham area or not.

click here

  Input Overload 22:37 28 Feb 2010

North Derbyshire, I've bypassed the router. On Zen fuller where you can download large chunks 100meg Bin files. one minute it's 1-2 Meg Bit then jumps to 20 & back again. Changed all cables etc. Phoned Virgin & sending someone out Tuesday, good service I thought.

I'll tick as resolved, it's been acting odd all day.

Thanks for the responses!

  skeletal 09:37 01 Mar 2010

I’m glad I spotted this thread as yesterday (Sunday) our internet was so slow it actually stopped!

I assumed it was Virgin as 99.9% of the numerous slow-downs and lost email services I get are due to Virgin. Nonetheless, to satisfy the moans from my sons I went through the boring routine of resetting the modem and no avail of course.

I looked at the Virgin website this morning to check what was wrong yesterday (the same place as buteman’s link) but I now see that the recent history of problems is missing.

Does anyone know if they no longer show recent problems (a cynic would say understandable as the servers wouldn’t be big enough to list them all) or have they moved them to another page?


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