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  swanny2 16:42 08 Sep 2008

Uhave just purchased a router of virgin. Now i run a xp desktop upstairs connected by eethernet cable downstairs into my Modem.Im wantting too get my sons laptop online,now ive followed the disc intructions but the laptop although it is wireless card installed isnt picking it up.
I phoned Virgin and they asked me do a few things,then said the the laptop wireless cards not picking it up.They told me too contact Siemenns(make of laptop) too ask for the latest drivers.Now how can i do this if i cant get online on the laptop,also the laptops only 12 month old,why has the wirelss card need update drivers.
im stuck here if any 1 can help please.
thanks :O)

  jack 17:22 08 Sep 2008

You can download them by using your Desktop machine that does connect - then by way of a memory stick or even a camera card transfer them to the lappie.

I have to say I spent several visits to a friend trying to sort out a similar problem.
In this case the lappie was simply across the hall in another room.

But the Lappie 'connection [A USB dongle in this case] was close to the powered speaker set.
Thus the magnetic field was possibly shielding the signal.
The Virgin Router though wireless had to 'speak' to a Belkin router placed next to it before the lappie got any joy.

  swanny2 17:26 08 Sep 2008

got a small belkini dongle here but not sure how use it or what its for router brlkini? not sure. is there anther way only when i click fn f2 the wirelss light comes on the lapatop . thanks

  peter99co 21:15 08 Sep 2008

When the laptop is active do you see two TV icons on the taskbar? one is a pair of tv's and other is a single mini tv. A right click should give a pop-up with show networks. Assuming the router is wireless

Is it possible to use an ethernet cable plugged into the router from the laptop. I set everything up first connected by cable. This would allow you to download to the laptop before wireless connection is made.

  peter99co 21:22 08 Sep 2008

It is also possible to just exchange the ethernet cable on the PC to the laptop. the router does not mind what is plugged in. I sometimes swop to let my visitors connect their laptops rather than divulge my wireless passwords

  swanny2 21:57 08 Sep 2008

cheers mate ive not tryed my ethernet cabla yet straight into the laptop ,not sure if it will work,alsi cant find the driver for the siemens wireless laptop
cheers. again .

  peter99co 22:09 08 Sep 2008

You need to post details of your laptop to allow someone to advise you.

Have you hovered over the taskbar icons yet with the wireless active? Checkout the right click on the appropriate one.

  peter99co 22:24 08 Sep 2008

If the laptop is wireless the dongle is not reqd.
Is the router also wireless?

If you enter 'wireless' in the search box @ the top of this or other forums you will find many post/threads where others have found answers to similar problems to yours.

  swanny2 22:32 08 Sep 2008

all i know is its a fujitsu siemens amilo laptop .i do see the 2 tv,s but no networks.also my desktop upstairs is not wireless.

  peter99co 22:41 08 Sep 2008

Is the router wireless? How many ethernet outputs does the router have?

The two tv's are for cable connection.
A single tv show an active wireless.

If the wireless is unconnected to the laptop it will have a little red cross on it.

If the laptop is not cabled it to will have a red cross agaist it.

What operating system are you running xp or vista?
Take your time. Check the search I suggested.

  peter99co 22:43 08 Sep 2008

If the laptop is not cabled it will show a red cross against the two tv's

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