Virgin Broadband vs AVAST vs SLOW CONNECTION

  chalkiex 21:58 01 Nov 2008


I'm ruinning XP Pro on a Compaq6710b, previously I had Sky 8 meg with no download speed issue, any of the checkers all came back with 5-6 meg download speeds.

System connected to NETGEAR wireless (hard wire too) to seperate virgin cable modem.

I've just swapped over to Virgin 10 Meg service and the checkers come back with a speed of 1.5 meg download speeds, BUT if I log in Safe Mode with Networking I get 8.9 Meg download.

Is my AVAST 4.7 Home causing this? Is it something else, Windows Firewall, I'm at a loss and no noob either...

Any help greatly appreciated.

  mgmcc 09:23 02 Nov 2008

I have found Avast to have a dramatic effect on download speeds. Using Virgin's 10Mbps service with a router my Mac, with no Antivirus software, downloads very much faster than the Windows PCs with Avast running. Disabling Avast in the Windows PCs brings their speed back up. Having said that, it doesn't drop to anything like 1.5Mbps!

  Stuartli 10:24 02 Nov 2008

I've used Avast! for some years - I get speeds between 6.5MB to 7.2MB on my TalkTalk "up to 8MB" broadband service.

If the speeds were a little slower I wouldn't worry too much, especially when remembering the odd occasion when Avast! has had to stop Trojans in their tracks.

  chalkiex 19:41 02 Nov 2008


Having 8 meg with Sky worked fine, great speeds, no worries.

The virgin installation has changed everything, I've used Avast for a few years now, the drop in speed is really quite significant, especially when I run in safe mode and get speeds of 8 - 9 meg.

Still baffled, don't really want to use AVG as it's detection rate is not as good as Avast's engine.

Watch this space...

  Stuartli 21:31 02 Nov 2008

What exactly makes you suspect Avast! is the problem?

  woodchip 21:37 02 Nov 2008

I Use Avast on four XP comps not speed drop, But you could try turn the Router off at the back with the button then restart it after 30 seconds and try speed. I am on a 8Meg with TalkTalk and it degraded to less than 1 Meg Normal 6 to 7 Meg 1.8miles from exchange but it went back up after doing the above

  chalkiex 15:45 03 Nov 2008


I don't actually think it is Avast, but a few other Forums are highlighting Avast as a possible cause. the reason being when it is disabled users a re getting full speeds, this is not the case with my system.

The only time I get full speed is when I run in safe mode, no Avast running, nor anything else for that matter...

I'll try the reboot on the router 'Again' and see what happens...

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