Virgin Broadband PC Guard Problem

  Braniff 19:19 20 Nov 2009


I had Blueyonder PC Guard which was taken over by Virgin a few years ago. The PC guards continued as normal. Last week I installed the Virgin update with all the same protection but since then my PC is very slow and sounds busy all the time like it is doing a scan. I have checked the settings so it scans once a week, so what could be making it run so slowly?

  VoG II 19:27 20 Nov 2009

Are you sure that you don't have two anti-virus programs running at the same time?

  Braniff 19:33 20 Nov 2009


I am sure, I was with Blueyonder and Virgin took over and have only now updated the PC Guard to say Virgin

  birdface 19:45 20 Nov 2009

Try taskmanager and see what is using up most of the CPU.
And to be truthful i would get rid of Pc Guard it is next to is not rated anywhere.

  birdface 20:15 20 Nov 2009

I hope it was nothing i said.

  johnnyrocker 20:19 20 Nov 2009

and resolution was?


  rdave13 20:29 20 Nov 2009

" I hope it was nothing i said. "
If ever a post needed a smiley.... ;)

  birdface 21:50 20 Nov 2009

The only reason I know is that I used to use it before I got advice from this forum.
I believe if Virginmedia got rid of Pc Guard and gave their customers something like Kaspersky they would get far more customers.

  Joe G 01:09 21 Nov 2009

The problem is with the PC Guard update - it is a Kaspersky product! When I installed it my laptop locked up too and I eventually got rid when I was having to do a forced shut down of the machine every 30 mins! I installed Avira instead and it was the best thing I could have done - I had planned to do this previously but thought the update would improve PC Guard!

Apparently the Kaspersky version they have used conflicts with load of different malware removing software and may also need a complete uninstall & reinstall to get it to work properly but I decided to go with Avira instead after poitive comments here. Interestingly enough 5 of my teams PCs at work have stopped functioning properly since Kaspesky was installed by our corporate PC people so I am not impressed even though I understand it is supposed to be very effective in virus checking

  birdface 08:59 21 Nov 2009

Not sure if you have the free version of Avira.
This may help if you are getting the pop-ups.

click here

  Joe G 21:07 21 Nov 2009

Thanks for that Buteman - just done that - the ads did not bother me too much (compared to the hassle I've had with PC Guard!) but it will be better without them!

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