Virgin Broadband or D Link 604+ Problems

  jonmaine 22:00 02 Nov 2003

We have had broadband installed in the middle of October with Virgin. We connect via a D Link 604+ router either by wifi of lan 10/100 cable connection. We have problems with the service petering off slowing down so much it stops. Virgin have had Bt test the line from my machine right back to virgins portal with a so called clean bill of health. The router sometimes if rebooted seems to improve the situation for a while. Also I have found if I need to access the net and use back up dial up connection that when disconnected from the dial up modem it seems to have jolted the adsl back into life.
Any Ideas would be gratefully received.

  sil_ver 23:08 02 Nov 2003

I wonder if this is more to do with Virgins service as, altho' I'm on a USB ADSL Modem I have found that tonight connecting to PCA has been a nightmare in fact after posting a question I couldn't get back to the helproom at all until I rebooted, I might as well have been on dialup it was that slow, I also found that if I rebooted and connected it seems to be a bit better. Having blamed Virgin I find that going to any site except PCA is almost instantaneous.

  Boluwd 23:21 02 Nov 2003

I've posted tonight as well thinking I had a problem with my recently set up network. I too use the Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB connection to Virgin Broadband and I joined up in October. Quite frankly I think the reliability is poor but as I have no experience of other broadband ISPs, I don't know how poor.
In fact I was going to try and attach a link to my posting by opening this web page again and copy paste the link here. I've given up; it takes too long or just hangs. I've been having these problems since Friday night!

  sil_ver 23:26 02 Nov 2003

I've got the same modem as you but PCA loading seems to have speeded up to normal now. Maybe the site has been very busy tonight.

  Boluwd 23:33 02 Nov 2003

My problem wasn't just restricted to this site though! Are you using XP Home by the way? If you are then where does your Alcatel modem appear in Network Connections? Mine is under Dial Up. I'm not sure if this is correct, I would have thought it would appear under broadband but I'm new to all this!

  tekkie 23:38 02 Nov 2003

Ditto Alcatel Speedtouch 330 USB & virgin. Very slow just like 'old' dial up. Unless it improves virgin will get a 30 day notice. The others cannot
be this bad or can they!!??

  sil_ver 00:07 03 Nov 2003

I'm on W2000pro and it is in network and dialup.

TEKKIE Don't think we can point the finger directly at Virgin as it's not proven that they are to blame, unless someone knows different......?

  Boluwd 00:12 03 Nov 2003

I've just been on their site click here and it looks like they are having mega problems which they're working on with an upgrade.

  mark e 08:36 03 Nov 2003

been using virgin BB and have noticed very slow connections over the last month or so. Virgin say they were bogged down with viruses on thier servers. things have gotten a little better but not a lot. if it keeps up I am thinking of switching ISP's i will give them till after Xmas, then decide.


  mark e 08:40 03 Nov 2003

Forgot to ask, what do you think re your d-link setup apart from the BB, I am down to Either D-link or netgears system for my networking needs but dont know which to choose

  jonmaine 14:18 03 Nov 2003

D Link seems to be good if I am right assuming that my problems are with virgin adsl. Their mannuals are worse than bad but the kit seems good. There are some very reasonable deals for new equipment on ebay, even the 108mbps set up from the states for only ?40 plus mail and import vat, probably about ?75 all in. I have been on to virgin again today in light of their admitted problems and got hold of someone who advised me of a compatability issue with routers and virgin adsl. I had to change my mtu value to 1456 which was easily achieved by downloading Drtcp from click here I opened the exe and it did its stuff in seconds. Lets hope it works!!!

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