Virgin Broadband contract renewals, starting new

  PhillyG76 02:57 20 Apr 2019

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. But I’ve noticed that Virgin (although most broadband providers) have special deals for the first 12 months of contracts, and then after the price increases a fair bit after. But what’s to stop you from just starting a new contract with the reduced introductory price? If I was being cautious, I’d probably wait a week before renewing a contract. But has anyone tried this with success? And are there things to be careful of trying this?

  Govan1x 09:06 20 Apr 2019

You have to tell them you are leaving as you you cant afford it anymore as it is to expensive.

They will try and cut some of your broadband speed etc to make it cheaper. Just tell them you are happy with what you have got but would like it cheaper.

They will waffle on and say they cant cut it down anymore. You have to tell them you are not happy with the price you pay and you would like to give a months notice. Do not backtrack on that and they will give you a date when you will leave..

Hang up the phone and wait. They will get back to you in a few days and if you are still not happy on what they offer just say sorry but I still want to leave.

Sit back and wait for the next phone call and see if the offer improves.

If you have been a customer for a long while they will usually give you a better deal. But every year when they put their prices up you have to go through all that again..

They will tell you that they have checked and you cant get it cheaper anywhere else. just tell them you are happy with what you get but cannot afford the price anymore.

rather than loose you they will normally give you it cheaper.

If it gets to the point where they dont phone back and maybe you have only a day left before you get cut off you can phone them and tell them that you have decided to stay with the, But it should not come to that..

I would say that they are very expensive but you pay for what you get and in my opinion they are one of the best ISP,s about.

Be polite but firm. I had to do that every year till I moved to an area that does not have Virginmedia. Usually the best time to do it was when they put the prices up and they do that every year, So basically you can cancel your contract with them without it costing you any future payments

Good luck, there is nothing wrong in trying to get a decent price that you can afford to pay from them.

  KEITH 1955 11:40 20 Apr 2019

Hi Philly , don't be surprised if FE moves this to speakers corner but that's for him to decide.

Anyway , I am with BT and these are the problems I had and are still having. I threated to leave unless they gave me the latest home hub , I was on version 2 and its now 6.

They pester me to have a vision box by saying its free but I had done my home work. Its only free as long as I don't open the box. after they gave me the "free" chat I told "them" how much the connection fee was and how much each category was per month , after a long pause he says who told you that , I laughed and said I am looking at your own website now ….. did you not hear me typing on my mechanical switch keyboard.

Nobody offers existing customers the same deals , don't try and be clever by leaving and re-joining for a better deal , BT's fine print for example says if you leave you cant return for 2 years.

They ring me constantly for "free" upgrade to fibre optic and one day they slipped up and said of course it will go up when we give you a contract. I don't want or need superfast fibre as the old exchange is across the road and so I get the max the exchange can give me 24/7 , the max is 20mb per sec. Yes its slow by some peoples standards but I don't have any problems with online game speeds or anything else.

I found out accidently during a conversation that I am not tied to a contract but they never told me so I can leave anytime without a forfeit.

After reading the above you may all be wondering why I stay with BT , well that's easy to answer , I work with people who all use different isp and even though I am paying more than others I seem to be the only person who never moans about "quality of service"

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