vinyl to CD kit

  billy 14:47 08 Mar 2003

There are many threads here that describe how to transfer music from vinyl to CD. Does anyone know of a kit for doing this that includes the pre-amp and cables needed?

  AudioVic' 16:40 08 Mar 2003

I have Soundblaster live soundcard and I just connect my audio sources (Keyboard, Cassettes, Vynils, etc.) to the line in port. SB live has an excellent recorder built in. No pre-amps required.

I use wavelab to edit the resulting .wav files and then burn onto Cdrom as .cda. I also convert the .wav to .mp3

Hope this helps

  woodchip 16:44 08 Mar 2003

Have you not got a record player

  billy 18:24 08 Mar 2003

I do have a turntable with two phono leads. I understood I needed a preamp but AudioVic says not.

  _Treb_ 18:50 08 Mar 2003

You probably only need a pre-amp if you are outputting from the turntable where the o/p voltage is in micro amps. I have recorded, quite successfully using the o/p from the headphone socket, using Goldwave.

  Patr100 19:01 08 Mar 2003

There is a kit with pre amp but it is quite expensive and only required if you want to input directly from a turntable. Otherwise Audio Cleaning Lab comes with the cable for £20 to £30 -from Dream Software.

  billy 19:11 08 Mar 2003

I only have a turntable so does that mean I need a pre-amp. I also only have a Mic in socket from on board sound. Do I need a sound card?

  woodchip 11:25 09 Mar 2003

It will work from Mic in socket if you turn everything up to the top. you can get leads from any good audio shop

  billy 21:41 27 Sep 2003

In teh end I bought Clean 4.0 with apreamp. results are great, well good enough fr listening to CDs in teh car. The instructions with Clean are not very god, could do with a Wizzard. make sure recording is switched on on the PC.

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