Vinyl to CD - how?

  derbytrader 12:54 08 Jul 2003

I've bought a stereo 3.5 mm minijack to phono and I've got myself a CR writer, now how do I get the PC to recognise I'm playing vinyl and record it. I've got Nero software.

  Macaonasa 13:27 08 Jul 2003

Why don't you download the songs instead? It's much easier, quicker and the quality may be much better.

  derbytrader 13:34 08 Jul 2003

I do that but it isn't quicker for some of the more obscure stuff which I have on vinyl and would take a month of Sundays to find. I basically want to get it all on CD as fast as possible so I can clear the space taken up by hundreds of albums.

  stlucia 13:36 08 Jul 2003

I assume you've got a sound card with line-in socket, a record deck, and an amplifier or pre-amp. Connect the line-out of your amplifier to the line-in on your sound card (you can't just connect a record deck to the sound card because the signal's too low). If you've got no line-out, you can use the headphones socket instead.

Then you need some recording software -- some may have come bundled with your sound card, but others on this forum will probably help you with some other software. This lets you record your vinyl onto your HDD while you're listening to it on your PC. You can either record one track at a time, or record all of one side and then split it into separate tracks using a ripper program.

Then you use Nero, or whatever burning software you've got, to burn your tracks onto a CD using the "Make a music CD" option (that's what it is with Roxio, it'll be similar with Nero).

That's the basics. Others will be able to help you with particulars.

  Macaonasa 13:42 08 Jul 2003

There are loads of references on Google - just type "vinyl to cd" including the quote marks.

This is one such link:
click here

  [email protected] 18:18 08 Jul 2003

works fine. As mentioned before, you need a preamp: I use an old HIFI Tuner/Amp and connect the Line Out to the PC. Good luck.

  jospar 13:16 09 Jul 2003

derbytrader it is easly done.

I was until I read your post going to invest in a gizmo at a cost of £90 from maplin that did this, it provided software/hardware.

But I've done a trail run, with a home made set up of leads, (watching blue peter has its advantages) down loaded a couple of freware programs, and away I went. The only problem that I had was background noise due to using a old 3.5mm plug, but I went out this morning and brought correct lead for £8.99 (JVC with gold plated connecters) from currys. This has solved the problem with background hiss.

Concerning Nero you might find that you will need a programe to rip from vinyl and save to the hard drive, and Nero will be able to pick up the file from here. I'm off to work now but when I get home to night I will give my Nero a spin, and how it went and post back with results.

  toxin 15:32 09 Jul 2003


If you have Nero, you don't need a ripper prog, the Wave Editor in Nero will do it for you;

goto Prog Files\Ahead\Nero\Wave Editor\Wave Edit.exe Dble click, & goto Audio>Record set your bitrate and depth; Record Console will open, and when ready,start your vinyl playback and click the red 'Record' button on the console,and away you go, you can record the complete side if you want, then highlight each track, goto Edit>Copy to File, select a format, give the file some ID, and export!


  pj123 15:53 09 Jul 2003

We've done this many, many times before. go to click here and look at the programmes LP Recorder and LP Ripper. These are the programmes I use. Record your LPs to the hard disk using LP Recorder and then split them back into separate tracks using LP Ripper. Then burn them to CD.

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