Vinyl to CD

  Curio 17:09 01 Dec 2005

Am experimenting with Total Recorder to convert vinyl to CD. Have tried from HiFi Headphone socket to PC line in. Not very good, loud hum but recording beneath clear.
As Total Recorder appears to act as a pre-amp, would it be safe to connect the HiFi Turntable direct to PC line in. Any info from users of this software appreciated. Unfortunately my Amp does not have an Aux Socket.

  Diemmess 17:38 01 Dec 2005

click here

You won't damage anything connecting as you suggested, but may not get much of a signal at all. You could try the mic-in socket, but success will ultimately depend on how well impedancies match

Too many earth points may be the reason for that hum (an earth loop).
What you do about that is likely to upset the "safety police" on this forum, so try your idea first and see what you get.

  wjrt 20:57 01 Dec 2005

might help

click here

  Curio 22:37 01 Dec 2005

Will get an RCA Phono female connector and give it a try. Only one earth on the HIFi System. Further results later

  josie mayhem 22:52 01 Dec 2005

Check your turn table to see if it has a pre-amp switch on it, most are locate underneath the unit or sometimes located under the turn table mat. If you have your in luck.

All you need is a RCA 2-1 connector and two RCA female to female connectors the latter can be brought through a music shop or I got mine from a audio center. You then connect the speaker leads from the turn table to the female to female connectors, then attach the RCA 2-1 cable, then straight into your line-in on your sound card, works a treat.

But I would advice to first try a record with the sound turned right down and get ready with the mute button, as on some sounds cards it can come through pretty loud (my neighbours weren't impressed the first time I played a record this way)

Another thing to remember is to keep your deck as far away from your PC as the cabling will allow, as sometimes the hum is feed-back noise because its too near.

  GRFT 07:05 02 Dec 2005

There are numerous threads on this subject: the latest is click here

  dogbreath1 08:10 02 Dec 2005

I've not looked back over the previous threads (so this next piece of kit might already be there), but click here coz this may be useful.

I've not used it myself but I have used click here to solve the 'reverse problem' and it's a quality and very effective product.

  dogbreath1 08:12 02 Dec 2005

You'll also note that it gives advice on how to solve the ground loop problem referred to by Diemmess.

  Curio 16:50 02 Dec 2005

Turntable is a Technics Direct Drive HIFI separate with no pre-amp switch. Diemmess suggestion will be tried when I have obtained the connectors.

  woodchip 17:12 02 Dec 2005

On my HiFi I connected by means of a bought lead the speaker plugs to line in, but turn volume down so you do not damage card

  Cannuck 17:28 02 Dec 2005

I had a similar problem with humming, when I put vinyl to CD.

I solved the problem by getting a VW43W Ground Loop Isolator from Maplins for £8.99.

As suggested it also helps if your HiFI is on a separate electrical circuit (I used an extension from another room) and the further away from your computer the better.

It hooks up with a 2 to 1 RCA connector into your line-in on the sound card. Make sure the RCA to the sound card is the correct size plug.


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