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Viewsonic VP2030b monitor - Windows 7

  Spock999 19:46 19 Sep 2012

I have an old VP2030b monitor that stopped working awhile ago. It was a good quality & expensive monitor but they seem to have been subject to capacitor problems in the power supply. The time has come to try to get it mended to use as a second monitor or chuck it.

There seems to have been a cottage industry supplying repair kits in the USA for this problem so it looks like its possible to repair it.

The other side of the coin is if it will work on my new Windows 7 computer if it is repaired. A quick look suggests that there are no Windows 7 drivers. Does anyone know whether the VP2030b can be made to work properly on a Windows 7 Home 64bit computer?


  woodchip 21:59 19 Sep 2012

all hardware needs drivers monitors are not the exception, but i would say it will work if setup in windows display in control panel as a generic monitor

  woodchip 22:02 19 Sep 2012

PS I take it this is a Crt Monitor, and you should be able to get it fixed in the UK as it is only like a TV without a Tuner

Take a Look Hear at a Google Page for Repairs [Click Hear to See ]1

  woodchip 22:04 19 Sep 2012

Click on the Underscore 1

  Spock999 22:28 19 Sep 2012

Actually it is not, see here ( ). There are quite a few instances of problems or unsatisfactory situations with Windows 7. See here ( Unable to get the full native resolution. This is an example of the fixing kit that is available (,-Viewsonic-VP2030b,-LCD-Monitor,-Capacitors-P1660478.aspx). And this is one example from one of the fix-it videos on Youtube ("Open the monitor, examine the circuit boards. Look for small components that look like small cans, these are capacitors. If you see any that look bulged on top, then your problem can probably be solved by replacing these. Check out the following sites; It doesn't fill me with confidence about doing it but illustrates it is possible.

Perhaps you can see why I am wondering whether it is worth repairing.

  woodchip 22:38 19 Sep 2012

What you have to be aware of when trying to mend Monitors or TV's is the Big smoothing capacitors or multiple high volts ones these can kill when power is turned off and plug removed from wall socket. they need to be discharged before you work one one

PS they are the ones on the power supply normally

  Spock999 11:20 20 Sep 2012

I do a lot of photoeditting and I am very fussy about the monitor. This is a good quality one and I would have no hesitation repairing it if I could be sure that it would work with Windows 7. I have looked extensively on-line and haven't yet seen anyone who has one working satisfactorily with Windows 7. The trouble is that you only hear about the problems but it looks significant that none of the problems seem to have been resolved.

I have found someone who can repair it for £45. I have no intention of diying it. Hamfisted has nothing on me!! I will look into your link Woolwell. Thanks.

  Spock999 11:08 21 Sep 2012

Well that is very helpful. I needed to know that someone had operated the vp2030b successfully under Windows 7 64 bit. From what you are saying you had it operating perfectly OK at its native resolution 1600 x 1200. There are a couple of possible solutions for the issue if you google "viewsonic vp2030b issues" but they didn't work for me. My other thread on this subject might also help (

I bought an Eizo S2433w as my main monitor when the viewsonic started playing up and I have been very pleased with that. How did you get on with the Spyder 3. I have been looking to calibrate my monitor but had problems and I have just sent a colormunki display back to Amazon. There is some discussion about this on the photoanswers computer help forum (I tried to post a link but they decided I was spamming my own thread!!). The only alternative is the Spyder 4 (Pro seems best for me) and I am not sure whether I will be happy with it.

  Spock999 19:32 21 Sep 2012

Yes I went through what shall I replace it with a couple of years or so ago. At the time there was nothing at about £400 which I felt comfortable buying, so I upped the budget to the next one which didn't seem to have any problems in the customer reviews. Hence the EizoS2433w. Of course that was as my main monitor and it is a step up from the VP2030b. It showed much more detail in the image while I was running them as dual monitors.

I have seen it said that the second monitor doesn't have to be calibrated or as good as the first so there is probably a lot more choice.

  Spock999 12:13 03 Oct 2012

Thank you all for your help. I have had the monitor repaired (£40 at a local repairer) - he had to replace virtually all of the capacitors. It set itself up OK on plug and play and operates at the native 1600 x 1200 resolution.

Have now calibrated it with Spyder 4 Pro and am very happy with the results.

  woodchip 17:14 03 Oct 2012

3sport I would say that the Inverter as blown, you need a new one or it repairing

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