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Viewsonic VP2030b monitor - slow to power up

  Spock999 15:40 17 Mar 2010


I have a Mesh E6600 system with a Viewsonic VP2030b monitor. The video card is NVIDIA GeForce 7950GT.

The monitor works fine once up and running but it has become very slow to power up after cutting out when the computer goes into power save mode.

This is a relatively recent development. If it has powered down recently it takes a shorter time to restart and quite a long time (2-3 mins from moving the mouse) when it has been powered down for a while.

It is becoming a severe irritation. Any advice gratefully received.

  Spock999 17:12 17 Mar 2010

I should add that I am using Windows XP pro.

  northumbria61 23:46 17 Mar 2010

First check all connections to the monitor and try another one if possible - that way you will see if the monitor itself is the problem. You could also try updating your driver software via Device Manager.

  Spock999 10:21 23 Apr 2010

It took a while but I have checked what you suggested.

I have replaced the DVI D connector - no change. I have checked that all connections are tight.

Device manager cannot find a more up to date driver.

I also have a spare monitor which I use with my laptop and I have set that up in dual view with the viewsonic and that responds virtually instantly when I move the mouse after the system has gone to sleep. On occasions the viewsonic takes 10 mins to power up. It still seems to depend on how recently it has been used.

Any more suggestions?

  Spock999 08:46 28 Jul 2011

I found what looked to ba a solution quite a while ago but I am not technically capable of doing it and I am reluctant to put the monitor in the hands of a repairer who I do not know and trust. Quite likely to be a biggish bill with no guarantees! They reckoned the problem was capacitor failure(s).

This is what I noted down:

"Open the monitor, examine the circuit boards. Look for small components that look like small cans, these are capacitors. If you see any that look bulged on top, then your problem can probably be solved by replacing these. Check out the following sites;

Follow the directions and good luck!"

I don't know whether the Youtube link still works.

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