Viewsonic TFT monitor won't show colours correctly

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 20:51 07 Mar 2006

I have just got my new monitor home...a Viewsonic VX922 , i plugged it in and it seemed fine...then after a minute or so i realised that the colours that were mixed with black, or supposed to be transparent were shown in green.

When i boot windows...when u get the black screens at the beginning?..well mine are green.

Is this a faulty monitor or is it just a setting. Please help, i am so disappointed. Everything i seem to buy always has a problem with it!

  Big Elf 20:56 07 Mar 2006

I've now had 2 TFTs and each one showed black (where appropriate) on boot. I doubt this is a setting but could be wrong.

  bloo meeny 21:41 07 Mar 2006

click here

May help with correct setting-up.
I use, and can therefore recommend "Monitors Matter CheckScreen" - about half-way down page, but then I don't have XP. Should be something here you might want to try.

  cycoze 21:57 07 Mar 2006

have you checked the refresh rate is set correctly, 60Hertz is what most TFT`s run at, have you installed the colour profile/driver (*.icm) for it? and is it set to it`s native resolution? 1280x1024 for your model.

Finally try using Viewsonics online calibration utility found click here .

  cycoze 22:01 07 Mar 2006

Should have also added, use/check the monitors own onscreen controls, i just installed one and the brightness was set to 100% which was way to bright and reduced to to approx 70%.

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 23:54 07 Mar 2006

tried the calibration tools...nothing worked. Tried the monitor's own settings...still nothing.

reduced refresh rate to 60hz...nothing..

Tried it all, made a ticket...gonna return it. I have lost confidence in ViewSonic tbh...i was a bit sceptical to begin with seeing as their technology seems to be way ahead of everyone elses...yet they aren't a "big brand name" such as iiyama.

  Djohn 00:21 08 Mar 2006

Sorry to hear your having a problem. Viewsonic are superb monitors, I have the VP930, had it for 4 months now and its the best bit of kit I've ever bought.

You have two choices. 1) return to supplier under the distance selling regs. If bought via phone or net. You have 7 days starting the first day after delivery and you do not even have to give a reason. You are entitled to a full refund or replacement of same make/model or different.

Phone Viewsonic and they will have a brand new monitor with you in 48 hours picking yours up at the same time. If its more than 14 days old, they supply a refurbished but as new and always, the same age as yours or newer, never an older date than what yours was made. Yours is less than 14 days, so it will be brand new replacement

Tel: Viewsonic: 0207 949 0307 Superb company to deal with and very professional monitors.

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