ViewSonic Monitor VP-2770 LED can't be turned on

  Aelrond 11:46 25 Oct 2015

Hey there,

I bought the VP-2770 LED about 6 weeks ago, since I've read splendid reviews and my experience with it was quite great indeed!

However yesterday something very stranged happened. I was at my room and the doorbell rang, it was my girlfriend. So I think I either left my computer or turned the monitor off.

After a few hours I went back to my computer, but the screen was all black (though the computer was turned on).

So either: I turned the monitor off and couldn't turn it on again or the monitor screen saver was enabled and couldn't be disabled or another reason.

I switched back to my Laptop screen to troubleshoot a little bit.

Usually with this monitor, since it has touch buttons, you just touch the button and the LED turn blue, indicating the monitor is working, however, doing so doesn't do anything, the LED (as well as the screen) can't be turned on.

My next idea was, that the power supply cable was broken, but I happened to have another one, didn't work either. Even if not connected to my computer, it can't be turned on. However, now the strange thing happened: When I connect the monitor to my laptop, the laptop recognises it (correct name etc, even my mouse can be moved into the extended desktop).

What's the point in that? I don't get it at all.

Somewhere I read it could be a problem with Windows Update or the Screensaver setting.

Btw I have a Lenovo IdeaPad and running Windows 10.

Would appreaciate any help very much!

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