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Viewsonic monitor slow to start

  thumbscrew 10:59 16 Dec 2012

My Viewsonic monitor has served me well for a few years, but is playing up recently.This only seems to happen after a period of hibernation, such as first attempt to turn on in the morning. When I press the "on" button, there's no response and it takes me several pushes of the button before I get the permanently glowing green light which precedes fully operational. Until then the light flickers on and off, I keep pressing/holding down, rather like searching for a connection, until it remains on and the monitor powers up. It's almost like there's some sort of loose or failing connection behind the button and repeated attempts eventually make the connection. The strange thing is, that so far it only happens at the first morning attempt, as if the hibernation or even the cold temperature has got something to do with it. I'd appreciate any help.

  northumbria61 14:07 18 Dec 2012

Solved (Maybe) I have found this LINK relating to your keyboard. It appears "special" key sequences need to be applied for various functions - scroll down to find yours. enter link description here

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