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Viewsonic monitor slow to start

  thumbscrew 10:59 16 Dec 2012

My Viewsonic monitor has served me well for a few years, but is playing up recently.This only seems to happen after a period of hibernation, such as first attempt to turn on in the morning. When I press the "on" button, there's no response and it takes me several pushes of the button before I get the permanently glowing green light which precedes fully operational. Until then the light flickers on and off, I keep pressing/holding down, rather like searching for a connection, until it remains on and the monitor powers up. It's almost like there's some sort of loose or failing connection behind the button and repeated attempts eventually make the connection. The strange thing is, that so far it only happens at the first morning attempt, as if the hibernation or even the cold temperature has got something to do with it. I'd appreciate any help.

  northumbria61 12:51 16 Dec 2012

I never touch the buttons on my monitor. I put the computer to sleep mode during daily use and shutdown at the end of the day. The monitor responds accordingly. However it does look as if you have a dodgy monitor button or maybe you need to look in Control Panel to see your Power Options/Plans.

  thumbscrew 13:24 16 Dec 2012

Thanks northumbria, how exactly do I use sleep mode and unsure how I attain shutdown without using the button?? Finally could you explain a bit more about Power Options/Plans?

  northumbria61 13:48 16 Dec 2012

I assume you are using Windows 7 - go to Control Panel - Power Options - Choose What the Power Buttons Do (from left side) Choose/Change your Options accordingly. You will then be able to use the sleep button on your keyboard to put your computer into sleep mode and press again to startup (or move mouse) Alternatively use the Start Orb to select sleep or shutdown.

I also always have my Power Plan set to High Performance.

  thumbscrew 13:59 16 Dec 2012

Thanks northumbria, great idea....actually I'm still clinging on to XP...some differences there...Sleep Orb??

  thumbscrew 14:16 16 Dec 2012

Ps, pretty sure I don't have a Sleep Button on my keyboard, it's a Logitech wireless. Leaving for shopping trip...back in a couple of hours.

  northumbria61 10:36 17 Dec 2012

I have never had/known a keyboard without a sleep button of some description. If it doesn't actually say sleep on it, it will be the form of a new moon shape.

It is a long time since I used XP but the Power Options/Modes are different to Windows 7 but as I remember it -

If your keyboard has a sleep button on it, you can press it to put the computer in sleep mode. However, this method is not as good because the computer can be turned on again only by moving the mouse. A better method is to open the Windows task manager (ctrl-alt-delete) and select shut down and then hibernate. In order to turn the computer back on again you have to press the power button. A shortcut of this method is to select the start tab at the bottom of the screen and then select shut down. While holding down the shift key, the standby mode changes to hibernate. Once you select this, the computer will go into the hibernate mode.

There is a LINK here (you don't need to read it all) with explanation screenshot enter link description here

You can also create your own desktop icon sleep button enter link description here

Hope this all helps

  thumbscrew 12:22 18 Dec 2012

Thanks again northumbria, I'm investigating right now...very helpful. Re the sleep I'm obsessed! There is nothing on this keyboard that corresponds to a sleep button and I've pressed the lot. Don't know if you can check this but it's a Viewsonic VX912 LCD Display.

  northumbria61 13:17 18 Dec 2012

Don't know if you can check this but it's a Viewsonic VX912 LCD Display.

If there is no sleep button on your keyboard then the best you can do is set up via the Power Options. Not sure why you have given me the details of your Viewsonic - it's the keyboard model you should have given me - however you seem certain that there is no sleep button which I find rather odd.

To get back to your original query which was to do with the "dodgy" button on your Monitor. The only solution would be to ask a local computer firm if it is possible to do a repair for you asking for a full quote first.You say it has served you well for a few years but failing a repair it may be time to invest in a new one. Plenty of choice these days and plenty of prices to choose from.

  northumbria61 13:44 18 Dec 2012

There are some FixYa suggestions here to have a look at although not really for DIY enter link description here

  thumbscrew 13:54 18 Dec 2012

Apologies northumbria, got distracted by a caller and stupidly gave you monitor details instead of..."Logitech Cordless Internet Pro".

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