views or critiscisms on this pc build.

  Rennaissance 16:58 13 Mar 2004

Hello there. Havin just completed a pc build for a friend i would like some views that you people have on this.

AMD Athlon XP2500 Barton
512 MB DDR RAM PC2700
Geforce FX5200 256 MB DDR TV DVI
Maxtor 80GB 7200rpm 8MB Cache hard drive
An NEC DVD RW drive Dual
Liteon DVD ROM drive

This is how it is set up. The two dvd drives are on the primary ide, reason being the ide cable didnt reach the secondary one. DVD RW as master and DVD ROM as slave. Does anyone think this not the best? and why not? Hard drive is on secondary ide obviously. This part is the main reason for this thread really, but i had no other choice. That is it really. Any views much appreciated. By the way it is running windows xp pro.

  pj123 17:28 13 Mar 2004

Well I would always put the boot hard drive on the Primary IDE as Master but if the setup you have works then leave it. Longer IDE cables can be got quite cheaply from many PC outlets. I have a carrier bag full of IDE leads, if you tell me the length you want I will post you one.

  goonerbill 17:34 13 Mar 2004

i have never tried a configeration like yours but if all works ok, why not.

really though, the h/d should be on the primary not the secondary. why doesn't the cable reach the secondary ide slot. i have a large (chieftec)tower case and have no trouble getting ide cables to reach there correct ide channels ie: hard drives to primary and cd-rom/dvd to secondary.

  Rennaissance 18:31 13 Mar 2004

hello there. i know i should have put the boot drive on primary but as i said it wouldn't reach as my dvd drives are at the top and the secondary ide channel is right at the bottom, primary above the secondary one. Yes this configuration works fine, just wondered why it was best for primary to be boot, thats all. Thanks pj123 for your offer, but as you say they are quite cheap nowadays, and the postage will probably cost more than one of them :P. But it depends whether i can be bothered to get it lol.

  thedarkside 00:10 15 Mar 2004

IDE cables really should not exceed 18". I know of many people who use cables well in excess of this and get away with it, but it can lead to random errors which are infuriating to track once they appear.

Your choice of components seems sound and should make for a good system.

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