views on all in one printers?

  COBBLER 11:11 01 Feb 2003

are All-in-one printers worth having and if so which make?

  tran1 11:24 01 Feb 2003

If you have little space then definately go for it.

I have a Lexmark X83. I find it very capable all-in-one. Prints are very speedy and the option of photocopying without the PC on is exellent.
Having everything in one bundle just makes things alot easier. Only one USB cable saves USB ports. A scanner takening up a port is just waste if it isn't going to be used often.

However, Don't expect good photo quality results. I only use it for documents and the occassional graphic/picture so its perfect.

Another downside to it is the high cost of the cartridges. (About £35 each)
I have found other cheaper sources to buy from on the internet though.

  Kyomii 11:40 01 Feb 2003

The Lexmark X83 will produce good photographic quality results since it is capable of a 2880 dpi res.

However, if you have a low res camera, then the prints will obviously not be as good.

I have a 2 meg camera and the Lexmark X83 and I can produce very high quality photo prints. To achieve this, I change the (printer) settings before printing a photo in order to enhance quality and use the highest setting (2880), and I use a good quality photo paper - the results are very good and I have had a lot of positive comments about the photos I have produced that hang proudly on my wall ;)

  tran1 11:48 01 Feb 2003

hmmmmm.. My photo printing often comes out banded. Maybe I should try using Photo Quality paper instead. lol!

X83 is an Exellent all-in-one.

  Kyomii 11:53 01 Feb 2003

Are you altering the settings for high res before you print your photo - also it depends on the res of the actual photo you are printing.

  Dr. Charles 12:13 01 Feb 2003

It depends what you want. I have an HP 635(old I know) but it scans prints Faxes etc. HP have done another one with the Fax facility as well as the scanner, it didn`t get a brilliant write up but if you want the fax facility HP is as good as anything



  BrianW 12:40 01 Feb 2003

PCW now have the HP psc2115 for £149. Worth a look, mine works well and gives good results.

  BRYNIT 13:29 01 Feb 2003

PCW also have the HP psc750 for £98.75 you can also get it from Jessops (John Lewis)£98.00

  Wak 15:38 01 Feb 2003

Cobbler, I have the Lexmark X75 and am extremely pleased with it. The scanner is quick and excellent quality with the OCR facility, the printing very good for both text and photos.
Admitted, the cartridges are a bit pricey but click here do excellent refill kits especially for the Lexmark. £9.99 to refill the black four times and £12.99 to refill the colour four times.
I would certainly have another one.

  Wak 15:42 01 Feb 2003

If you are still reading this thread then I would respecfully suggest that if your printing is banded then it is the printer cartridge and not the paper which needs attention.
My lexmark X75 has a maintenance section which deals effectively with banding which is caused through blocked print head holes. I'm sure the X83 will have a similar section somewhere.

  rithym 16:01 01 Feb 2003

I also have Lexmark X73 fantastic all-in-one package loads of features. I print mainly black on lowest quality setting does me fine and the cartridge is only half used after 6 months!
Usually takes 30 seconds to warm up on first scan but after scans straight away. OCR reads very well, few mistakes.I have a cheap 1 megapixel kodak camera and print best quality onto HP photo paper and they look half decent.
Only gripe was the USB cable wasn't long enough for where i sited the X73 so paid £8 for longer cable although i understand Lexmark now supply unit with 2 metre USB cable. Got it in PC World sale middle of last year £99..... bargain

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