Viewpoint ViewMgr.exe

  GaT7 00:07 25 Jul 2004

Viewpoint's privacy policy states that none of it's products are spyware - click here.

And if you'd like to know what it does - " The Viewpoint Media Player (VMP) is a browser plug-in, very similar to the Macromedia Flash and Windows Media Players. When open, it is capable of displaying high-quality animated and interactive graphics, including 3D images, 2D images, video, zoom-able images, and even Flash movies."

Also gets installed as Adobe Atmosphere player with some Adobe Acrobat Reader updates? I visited the Adobe (Acrobat Reader) site & found that Adobe Atmosphere player = Viewpoint Media player (or similar, see security warning dialogue box pic click here, scroll down a bit.). It appears in the Add/remove programs as 'Adobe Atmosphere Player for Acrobat & Adobe Reader' & apparently enhances the Reader's functionality - click here. BTW, no ViewMgr.exe on my PC.

As far as I can determine (checked within firewall configuration), no Viewpoint or Atmosphere player is trying to access the Internet at any time, unless it's masquerading as Adobe Reader (which is allowed to access the Net). G

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