Viewing Windows Live Saved Messages

  tallboy 22:44 21 Dec 2013

I have a number of 'Save As' Windows Live Mail messages on my 64-bit Windows 7 system. Whereas previously they would open up if I clicked on them, now, after a re-install of Windows 7, they do not. The files are .eml file types and initially Windows said it did not recognise them. I have re-associated them with WLM using FileCure, but now they just start up WLM rather than opening up the message it self.

I can read them if I manually move them to a suitable Storage folder within WLM, (so the file is obviously not corrupt) but how can I make them open up from the folder in which they have been saved?

The above is true for both 'save As' messages saved before & after the re-install of Windows 7.

  rdave13 23:24 21 Dec 2013

What is this file cure? Get rid on a fresh install. WLM is the program that opens .eml files. Once you use third party software then you're scuppered in the end. That is the whole point of WLM. You back up your Mail and contacts to a folder and save to a usb or disc. Reinstall the OS and reinstall and use WLM to import again.

Use windows' own feature to associate files and not a third party software.

Bin 'FileCure', run Ccleaner and its reg cleaner. You've damaged a clean install already I think.

link, select "Default Windows 7 File Extension Types:"

  lotvic 23:36 21 Dec 2013

Arrrggghhh, Get rid of Paretologic's FileCure, hope you didn't part with money for that.

  rdave13 00:04 22 Dec 2013

lotvic , what's this Paretologic program?

  rdave13 00:15 22 Dec 2013

Just found it, and worse you need to pay for it. Full version.

tallboy , may I suggest that , within the program, restore all Windows default settings before you uninstall.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 00:18 22 Dec 2013

It says on the web page it is a Microsoft Partner Gold Application Development. What does that mean?

  tallboy 20:34 23 Dec 2013

Thanks for the posts everyone. The files saved outside WLM are still saved as .eml files - they still start up WLM OK, but they don't go as far as opening themselves automatically.

If they are stored inside WLM, they operate correctly - i.e. open up when you click on them. I guess the easiest way around the problem is to save the files I store outside WLM as something else - may be as a PDF - so that they can be read without starting WLM. Since this applies to just a small handful of messages (mainly order receipts) this should work OK - and be a lot easier than another re-install of Windows 7, as suggested by rdave13.

Incidentally, the only reason FileCure got involved in this saga was because I tried to open up some .eml files that were saved before I reinstalled Windows 7 (hence were associated with a previous version of WLM) and since the Windows 7 default didn't 'kick in' FileCure did automatically. I normally only use it to find programs for unknown file types.

  rdave13 21:18 23 Dec 2013

Get rid of FileCure and run Ccleaner's registry cleaner as well. Then reboot. As you've already used a third party program then try Kernel EML Viewer , it should open the handful of messages. Convert to another file format and you should be ok to save. Then uninstall Kernel. Always use WLM to export/import mail then you should be ok.

  tallboy 12:24 27 Dec 2013

Thanks for the tip rdave13. I've found that if I manually move the files to one of my WLM folders (eg. Junk) I can then read them & print them as a PDF (Using CutePDF. This will save the need to use Kernel EML Viewer.

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