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  Groove_remover 23:48 25 Sep 2003

I have logged into the Chelsea FC web site and for some reason the menu's are vertically on the left side. I know that they should be horizontal at the top
And before someone says not because it a crap football team with crap web sites.

  MAJ 23:52 25 Sep 2003

It the Russian way. :-)

Post a link, Groove_remover.

  Groove_remover 23:58 25 Sep 2003

I would if I knew how????

  barn 00:03 26 Sep 2003

go to the site, highlight the address in the address bar, right click, copy,then paste it onto here.

  Groove_remover 00:06 26 Sep 2003

Thanks for the info.
click here

  barn 00:10 26 Sep 2003

ok, I've got 'The Club' 'Matches' 'Fan Zone' etc along the top and quick links on the side. What have you got?

  Groove_remover 00:13 26 Sep 2003

Everything is along the left side vertically

  hodder 00:17 26 Sep 2003

This is how it looks on mine from your link
click here
Am I guessing that Groove_remover means that you do things with furniture? Or am I being simplistic?

Regards, Bob.

  MAJ 00:20 26 Sep 2003

This is how I see it. click here

  Groove_remover 00:21 26 Sep 2003

I still get the same page (vertically), must be something on my PC.
Its more of a removal of music from certain P2P places

  hodder 00:27 26 Sep 2003

It sounds like it is something you can clear in IE options, or how you view pages???

Regards, Bob.

P.S. If I'm wrong , which a i maybe, someone will be along with the right answer or to kick my.......Later!!

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