Viewing router page when not connected to the internet?

  bturner 12:36 23 Mar 2012

Hi everyone,

I am with BT Broadband and have not had any problems with connection for the 2 months since I have been connected except for a brief disconnection this afternoon.

I do have a Homehub but it arrived after my connection day and I like my wired Netgear router so have carried on using that. Also worried if I can't get the Homehub working I might mess up the settings on the wired router too.

Is it possible to view the Netgear Router setup and diagnostics page when offline?

I thought it was as I am sure I have done this in the past when I could not get connected to the internet. Everything is working fine now but when I lost internet connection this afternoon, I went to open, entered my password but the page would not open while offline. Connection came back and I am able to open the page as normal. I was thiniking it is not much help if you can only see the site while online. ..

  difarn 14:07 23 Mar 2012

Yes you can view it offline as this is part of your LAN. You need to type in the into the URL address bar - not into the Google Bar.

This does not mean that you can do it if you enable "work offline".

  bturner 09:08 24 Mar 2012

Thanks for the reply.

I was sure I had been able to view the page before when not connected to the internet.

But for some reason now I am not able to, yes I am clicking on the page in my favorites which works only when I am connected.

If I type "" and click enter "http://" is added, then I get the log in page and am taken to

I have not changed any settings to "work offline" but can you tell me where that is so I can go look to see if it has been altered?

  difarn 12:16 24 Mar 2012

click on file and in the drop down menu you will see "work offline" - make sure this is unticked.

The shortcut you are using could have been made when you had accessed the router pages when you were connected. Try deleting this shortcut and trying to type just in the URL box again - it shouldn't add http://.

  bturner 12:06 25 Mar 2012

Thanks for the reply.

In "File" "work offline" is not ticked.

When I disconnect from my router and type in the URL box it automatically goes to but cannot display the page.

If I tick work offline when I am disconnected from my router and type in to the URL box and click return it automatically goes to and the page does display correctly but I am unable to open any of the sub menus like basic settings, router status etc.

  difarn 17:37 25 Mar 2012

This is quite puzzling. Could you try to access this using another browser?

If this persists I would be inclined to be brave and set up the home hub - you should be able to get an ethernet connection up and running in no time and there shouldn't be any problem re-connecting the netgear if you have to.

Can I recommend a download called "Speccy" - it gives you full details of your system, including details of your network etc except for the security details (WEP key etc).If you do decide to connect the home hub can I suggest that you download this first then if you want to set up the Netgear again you have everything you need at hand (although you shouldn't need it).

  bturner 18:15 25 Mar 2012

Thanks for the reply.

No I have not tried any other Browser, I have only ever used Internet Explorer.

Another reason I did not attempt to set the Homehub up is because I use my PC for work from Sunday night to Friday night (PC is on constantly all that time)and have to have a relaible connection without any drop outs and I understand drop outs are common with a wireless connection.

I do have a problem with my Desktop and need to do a recovery but as it is still functional have not attempted this yet. I use the laptop for emails and PC for trading.

I have a question for you, is there any reason why I could not carry on using the wired netgear router on my PC and set the homehub up on my laptop and use them both at the same time?

That way I can get used to the Homehub and if I like it make the full transition. But in the meantime I still have my relaible wired connection for work.

I have downloaded speccy so thanks for that.

One last question, can you open 5 star support? I was being helped about how to recover or restore my PC but I think the site is down as I cannot access it from the PC or laptop. Please click the link, I am taken to

  difarn 18:21 25 Mar 2012

The Home Hub has 4 ethernet ports I believe so you do not have to go wireless.

It is possible to daisy chain some routers to each other but this is usually done when perhaps a better wifi signal is wanted in another part of a building.

I assume that you only have one internet connection to the house so you couldn't have the home hub connected to one pc and the netgear router to another without physically joining them up - this takes a bit of setting up and would be far more complicated than setting up the home hub. I hear good reports of the home hub and setting it up with your ethernet connection should be equally as easy as your netgear router.

There is a message on the 5star site to say that the website is temporarily unavailable.

  difarn 19:11 25 Mar 2012

Just as an afterthought I am not quite sure why you are considering moving from your netgear if it is working fine. Do you have both of your pc's connected by ethernet to that or is your laptop wireless? Perhaps you only have one ethernet port on your Netgear but you could consider purchasing an ethernet hub that attaches to your Netgear router to give you more ethernet ports if you want your laptop and desktop to be wired.

  bturner 20:04 25 Mar 2012

Thanks again for your detailed replies, I appreciate it.

Yes I only have 1 internet connection here.

Good point, if I do decide to use the Homehub I can do so wired.

I am not considering moving from my Netgear router, it works great at the momnent.

I was just concerned that if there is ever a problem (in my last address once every couple of months for some reason I would get disconnected and have to go into the Netgear router page and re enter my login/email address on the basic settings page) and I get disconnected that I am now for some reason unable to get into the Netgear router site and pages to check that my details are still correct.

Now if there is a problem I will be unable to enter my details to get connected again.

  difarn 22:23 25 Mar 2012

From other blogs I have read there does seem to be some issue with IE and the Netgear router pages.

You could make sure that you have updated your Java.

Can I suggest that for the purpose of going to your configuration pages you download Firefox - you don't have to use the browser as your default but if it allows you to access the pages it will be a good thing.

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