Viewing pictures on Win 95

  graham√ 14:02 26 Jun 2003

I am meeting up with my sister tomorrow, taking her some photos on a CD. Their PC has Windows 95 with a CD player. They have previously been able to view a picture that was Emailed to them, but it took 30 minutes to download at 1p minute, so that is not an option.

So there must be a picture viewing program already installed, how can I explain how to use it? It is a piece of cake on XP, but is it easy on 95, Too?

  Foolsbane_1 14:19 26 Jun 2003

I think LPJ-Slideshow 1.7.4 may be your best option. Free from click here

  graham√ 19:37 26 Jun 2003

Thanks, I have bookmarked for the next one. The CD is already done and I don't have another blank. Any one remember Win 95?

  Nellie2 19:40 26 Jun 2003

Well if the pictures are jpegs or bitmaps then just open paint go to file, open then browse to the cd and you should be able to view the pics

  graham√ 19:46 26 Jun 2003

Thanks, was 'Paint' included in '95, do you know?

  Djohn 19:50 26 Jun 2003

Yep, it is.

  graham√ 19:55 26 Jun 2003

Thankyou both!

  graham√ 20:38 28 Jun 2003

OK, I have LPJ-Slideshow now, I can run the slideshow, but cannot see how to modify or burn it to CD.

I have a file which says it is 'Slideshow.ini', this is needed to change things, but when I copy it to the picture folder it becomes 'a slide show program' plus 'configuration settings'. The latter is a notepad listing the settings. any advice, please?

  Foolsbane_1 15:34 29 Jun 2003

From the LPJ-Slideshow FAQ page ( click here )

"The SlideShow.ini-file is used to customize the settings for the slideshow. This is useful when you want a specific sort-order in the display sequence of the library photos, and in another instance if you want a specific background color , text fonts and music. The main reason for the ini-file is, to allow you to customize the slideshow and then burn it to a CD. If you don't use the ini-file, then the programs default settings will be used (which will often work - but a personal touch is nice...)."

  graham√ 16:54 29 Jun 2003

Thanks, I gathered that. As I said above, I can see the 'ini' file, but it melts into two bits and I can't go any further than run the slideshow - no burning or modifying.

  Foolsbane_1 22:51 30 Jun 2003

Perhaps editing the .ini file is an unnecessary complication. For something more basic click here

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