Viewing pictures on Win 95

  graham√ 14:02 26 Jun 2003

I am meeting up with my sister tomorrow, taking her some photos on a CD. Their PC has Windows 95 with a CD player. They have previously been able to view a picture that was Emailed to them, but it took 30 minutes to download at 1p minute, so that is not an option.

So there must be a picture viewing program already installed, how can I explain how to use it? It is a piece of cake on XP, but is it easy on 95, Too?

  graham√ 19:37 26 Jun 2003

Thanks, I have bookmarked for the next one. The CD is already done and I don't have another blank. Any one remember Win 95?

  graham√ 19:46 26 Jun 2003

Thanks, was 'Paint' included in '95, do you know?

  graham√ 19:55 26 Jun 2003

Thankyou both!

  graham√ 20:38 28 Jun 2003

OK, I have LPJ-Slideshow now, I can run the slideshow, but cannot see how to modify or burn it to CD.

I have a file which says it is 'Slideshow.ini', this is needed to change things, but when I copy it to the picture folder it becomes 'a slide show program' plus 'configuration settings'. The latter is a notepad listing the settings. any advice, please?

  graham√ 16:54 29 Jun 2003

Thanks, I gathered that. As I said above, I can see the 'ini' file, but it melts into two bits and I can't go any further than run the slideshow - no burning or modifying.

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