Viewing pictures on camera

  shizzy 21:24 21 Mar 2004

We have not had more than a 2mp camera until now but my husband now has the Fuji 602 but on a higher setting takes forever to build up the picture when viewing on the camera or the TV. The egg times turns vertically and horizontally many times. Is this usual.

  Paranoid Android 21:43 21 Mar 2004

It depends what storage format you are using. CompactFlash is known to be quite slow, whereas (for example) Xd is much faster.

Are you storing as TIFF images, you could quicken the process with minimal loss by storing as JPG instead.


  shizzy 21:49 21 Mar 2004

JPG but Compactflash.

  woodchip 21:50 21 Mar 2004

Go into Explorer and drage the files from the camera to a folder that you use, watch the light on the camera do not turn it of or do anything until it stops flashing. You should then be able to look at the pic quick of the hard drive by just double click on a pic it should open in your Photo Editer

  shizzy 22:40 21 Mar 2004

Thanks but he hasn't put them on PC yet it was just that now he has upped the settings it takes an age to go from one pic to another when viewing on the camera or TV and I wondered if this was usual with higher megapixel cameras.

  hssutton 22:55 21 Mar 2004

This sounds about right. average write speeds for this camera on high resolution (2.2Mb)is 68 secs. To display a similar size file is approx 25 secs. As Woodchip suggests you would be better veiwing from your H/drive.

This is purely down to the camera, not the type of memory card. My particular camera using C/flash will write a 2.2Mb file in less than 5 secs and will display in 2 secs.

  TECHNODIMWIT 23:19 21 Mar 2004

if it is set to the highest setting, the picture is writen as a file about 18mb in size, try setting at the next setting down this drops the file size to 2.4mb

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